Thursday, 20 August 2009

Goose and a Swan

Everytime I go to Ireland I take my tatting and of course give some away. There is one particular lady who I visit, now in her eighties, with a very large family who are always in her home helping her. Well she loves to receive a tatted gift. A few years ago I took her a goose and a swan, both Jane's patterns. One of her daughters made them into a picture as you can see. This very much reminds me of Carol Lawecki and how she also incorporates some of her tatting into pictures.

Before a few more of you rush to comment that you do the same, I've seen some of them and they look very effective. Just wish I had that talent. This particular picture sits on her large sideboard with all the pictures of her vast family.


  1. Hi Sally, OOHHH, I love how they did this picture. She actually painted right on the canvas then put the goose and swan on. Very Nice!! You must be so pleased to see that your tatting is so appreciated. I so like Jane's Goose and swan pattern, both of which I have made quite a few times. I have seen the goose done in black and want to do that some day too. Thanks for the mention in your post, it reminds me I have another tatted bit that I have an idea for a picture incorporating the tatted piece. I must work on that. Happy Tatting!!

  2. So whimsical! Delightful!

  3. I instantly had a mental image of a whole "family" of geese ancestors and grandchildren on the sideboard! - but what a very lovely idea it is to display the picture there.
    Not a chance that I could do anything like that; despite being the niece of a famous painter of portraits whom nobody has heard of! - there is not one drop of artistic talent in my veins. I was a great disappointment to Uncle Anatole. I remember my mother fondly requesting that I "draw something for Uncle" to be included in her letters to him,and his very real sadness that my attempts were so pitiful.
    But the gift must have skipped a generation, because one of my daughters has inherited it!

  4. Guess you're back from Ireland now!!! Lovely picture. Hope you had a great time.

  5. Hi Sally, you must have been so pleased that she made it into a picture, it's so nice to see that your gift is really appreciated.
    Nah Jane! she is not back yet, she is coming to see ME tomorrow!

  6. Hi All, thanks for the comments I'm now back from 'wet Ireland' and so will try and catch up with everyone's blogs. I did meet the person who did this painting and have left her with some more tatting as she offered to do another picture. She is one of ten children so you can imagaine how full the sideboard is of people not geese and swans Maureen!!! Its great when people do appreciate your tatting, but sadly that is not always the case.
    Yes I did meet up with Tatskool and she has the evidence!!!


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