Friday 28 August 2009

Celtic knots

Having just come back from a holiday in Southern Ireland where Celtic Knots were visable in many places from rings to roadsigns I' ve had my fill of knots!
The painting below is on silk and I've often thought I would like to tat the design but a true celtic knot has no beginning and no end, so there is my problem!
The Celtic Knot symbol, is also referred to as the mystic knot, or the endless knot.
One of the attractions to me is the many colourways that can be seen in some of the designs.
The tatted celtic knot design is by Ruth Baker and I've only ever made one (and this is it!) and not sure if it is woven correctly!
Whilst in Ireland we visited a castle and in the herb garden was this hedge design looking very much like a celtic knot.

On the sea voyage returning from Ireland it was my stomach that got into a bit of a knot. The Irish sea was very rough, we were told that it was the tail-end of the American hurricane Bill, thank you to those who live over the pond! The car ferry was the smaller and faster type which makes the journey shorter and it therefore rides the waves, so to speak. It nearly didn't sail because of the weather conditions but before we boarded we were warned that the crossing would be rough. Having put the car on the car deck and left it to go to the passenger area we arrived to find sick bags on all the tables, not a good sign. The ferry started and a steward handed out a small measure of rum (perhaps not as much as a "Tot") to anyone who wanted it! Then about three quarters of an hour later when the sea and the sky were definitely meeting, soda water was handed out in plastic cups. I must say that we were well looked after but I have a feeling that it was in the shipping lines best interests to make sure no one was ill. I am a notorious bad traveller, its one of the things I hate about going anywhere be it in a car, bus, boat or aeroplane. I always take travel sickness tablets and when on a boat just lie down, it doesn't stop me feeling sick but it is crucial that I remain in the horizontal position!
My son thought he would help once on a sea journey by telling me to sniff ginger, now every time I smell ginger it just makes me feel sick!


  1. Too bad about the ginger! Should have been sniffing broccoli or turnips or something already yucky!

    I like the Celtic knot tatting! I must try that!
    Fox : )

  2. That's a brill celtic knot. The sea was choppy whne we came back in July but no one EVER handed out either rum or soda water!
    You went to Barryscourt did we on wed for the very first time. My legs still hurt from climbing the stumble steps!

  3. Sorry to hear about the ferry journey back home. Not even worth freebies to feel ill. Love the celtic knot. Wasn't that in a Ring of Tatters Newsletter once?

  4. Fox the celtic knot is a bit of a fiddle but the result is quite effective. .. I was surprised tatskool that they handed out rum and soda water on the sea crossing, it made me think it would be our last!!! Those steps at the Barryscourt Castle are quite something, just call it good exercise!
    Yes Jane the celtic knot was in the Ring of Tatters book 2005 - gosh you must know every tatting pattern!

  5. I seem to remember seeing that pattern in a Ring of Tatters pattern book - love how you've tatted it up. I keep meaning to but have not managed yet!

    Isn't Pam wonderful?

    And you know who I've been spending time with!

  6. pretty tatting, and fancy hedge.
    glad you are feeling better on dry ground.

  7. That Celtic Knot is very very cool! How very impressive!
    The photos are lovely! I enjoyed Pamela's post about your visit with her, too! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  8. very interesting celtic knot in tatting! your tatting is fabulous!


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