Thursday 10 June 2010

More Boxes

I am creeping-up very slowly to my 100th post, these are some more boxes I have prepared ready for a give-away, the next stage is to make sure there is going to be something to go in them. You can probably guess what I have in mind!

All the pop-a-bobbin shuttles that you saw sitting in the basket in the last post have now been posted to Jane and there isn't a single one left here, except the one you see on the top of my blog, that's mine and no one else is having it. The ebony came from one of my husband's trips to Africa.
This piece of wood came from a tree that was originally brought over in the last century from China and is growing in a place quite near to where we live, they propagate rare species of trees. Someone who voluntary helps out there kindly rescued a branch which had fallen off. It is seasoning at the moment and will eventually be made into a shuttle.
Angeline's book is now on its way to Trayna. What I found particularly interesting was the history and the personal and chattie bits. Angeline's great grand mother was born in Ireland in 1827 and then left for Nova Scotia possibly because of the potato famine in the 1840s? The instructions in the book are very clear and it must have been in some respects, ahead of its time.


  1. What kind of leaf? What kind of tree? This has me curious!
    Forest Fox : ))

  2. Just had to run to the garage to find out Fox!
    It is a Maacki Chinensis and has pea like flower.

  3. I enjoy your chattiness too. Must be something about tatters!

  4. You are too funny!
    Of course, I had to look it up immediately:

    Maackia chinensis is a small, slow growing,
    deciduous tree, reaching 20 to 30 feet in height and spread. It is similar to Maackia amurensis in flower style and the beautiful effect of the peeling bark. The new foliage is covered with silvery gray hairs which give it an overall impression like a Russian Olive while the leaves are young. It is not quite as hardy, but is a smaller tree, perhaps more suited to smaller landscapes. Generally not troubled by pests. Native to central China, introduced in 1908.

    The pics are really pretty - especially if you like the Russian Olive>

    Deciduously Yours,
    Fox : )

  5. Such pretty boxes! They look like fun, but a lot of work.

  6. Well I have only 6 shuttles left out of all you sent yesterday!!! Hope to get them listed in Etsy on Monday.
    Lovely boxes - even nicer in 'real life'.

  7. Your boxes are lovely. I've got to talk with Jane about getting my first of your shuttles. They sound wonderful.

  8. Those boxes are beautiful.

  9. Very nice boxes - and very interesting posts. I enjoy reading your blog and learning from you. Karen in OR

  10. The boxes are very pretty =)

  11. Love the boxes they are so pretty!!!!

  12. Lovely boxes! My vacation is coming up in a few weeks, perhaps I could make one for myself.

  13. Love your boxes!!

    I got my first pop a bobbin this week, purpleheart. YEAH!

  14. Thank you so much for your comments.
    BUT they are a lot of work, not so much the tatting, but the preparation of the boxes beforehand. Still very pleased with the result.


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