Friday 4 June 2010

April Fool!

The travelling book arrived at my home yesterday, I heard the post lady try and stuff it through the letter box, she knows I am never in, and I bet she thought that if she could get it through she wouldn't have to leave a card. I surprised her by coming to the door and she handed me the parcel, and then I foolishly tried to explain that it was a book that was "travelling"!
Anyway here it is, I hope to get a better look at it this weekend, thank you Fox for sharing it with us. As you can see it is standing very proudly behind the next batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles, they are just enjoying a bit of English sunshine before they begin their travels, I wonder if any of them will meet up with the book again?
Now the book arrived from my sister's so it travelled from the middle of England to the south of England. Strange though they seem to be in another "date zone" up there - April and not only that 1st April - can you explain Jane?!!
The book will be travelling north up to Scotland soon to Trayna, I wonder what date it will be up there!

I just had to show you this picture, this afternoon I took a memorial service for an Army Officer and this Gurkha piper was invited to play outside the church. He is extremely smart and is wearing tartan, which we usually associate with Scotland.


  1. OK, OK, OK, make me look a fool, little sis!!!!! All of tat land knows I'm bonkers anyway so now you've confirmed it!!!! Yup, really did think it was April when I put the date on the book. Sad, sad old git that I am!!!! Just remember, though LITTLE sister - I'm the oldest of the 3 of us!!!! I'll get my own back - just beware!!!!

  2. I just got such a kick out of seeing that book happily resting beside the big basket of wooden shuttles! What a treat!

    I am getting as much pleasure as you guys and more out of this travelling adventure!

    Hope you enjoy it, Sally!
    Fox : ))

  3. Those shuttles look sooooooooo good love the purple ones, hope you enjoy the book as well.

  4. That picture would make a wonderful postcard, or framed poster for any of us - peaceful and inspiring! I love it.

  5. Oooh! I am getting excited! My turn comes after Trayna =) Can you please tell me what type of wood makes the purple color shuttle? I think that is the one I would like to order =)

  6. How fun! I just received my ebony and purple heart pop-a-bobbin shuttles and they are lovely! I ♥ them! Pat 'im in the garage on the back for me will ya?
    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. Oh...............I can't wait LOL. It can't come soon enough. I'm assuming Sally that you don't need my address but if I'm wrong can you send me an email please.

  8. Thanks for your comments - the book is a little treasure, will be reluctant to pass it on but it has to travel, and so do the shuttles!
    I guess it would make a good postcard Maureen
    Paula the purple shuttle is the purple heart, gorgeous isn't it?
    Thanks TattingChic, pleased you like your shuttles


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