Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tea with the Bishop

Yesterday the Parish Administrators who work in the parishes of our diocese were invited to have tea with the Bishop.   Afterwards we were given a tour of the palace by the Bishop himself and his wife. It was extremely interesting especially looking at the huge portraits of former bishops going back centuries.  When my youngest son was quite small he said to me that he would like to become a bishop. I asked him why, he said "because they live in a place" - not a bad reason!

They may live in a rather large palace but their actual living quarters are quite small compared to the rest of the building.

                                               Here is the Bishop standing outside his door.
I was intrigued at the pectoral cross the Bishop was wearing, it was made of wood with four other small crosses in the middle, I should have asked him about it but was too busy looking at everything else!  Pectoral crosses are worn almost exclusively by higher ranking clergy such as cardinals and bishops, at the centre  of the chest (Latin pectoralis), and traditionally made from precious metals or gemstones so this particular cross must be for every day use!                         

This is a cross made by "I'm in the garage" many years ago and it is made from ebony. 
I have worn it in the past but feel it is a little too large and ornate.  Probably best suited for a Bishop.

The tatted brown cross is from Mary Konior's Book Tatting with Visual Patterns.  Instead of using 40 thread I used 20 which is why it looks a bit big and cumbersome, I added a few beads and should have pressed and blocked it but sort of lost interest.  I shall not be tatting the pattern again.


  1. Hiya Sally, I am wondering when there will be more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles so I can buy one. I love purple heart and I also love the really warm reddish brown looking kind of woods. I have read about them for awhile now but I haven't seen any for sale. Sherry

  2. Hi Sherry, production of the Pop A Bobbin shuttles has temporary stopped because we have had to spend most of our spare time travelling a distance (and staying there) to see very ill members of our family. However, when more are ready for sale they will be put in Jane's Etsy shop, will give some warning before this happens! Thanks for asking.

  3. What caught my eye, Sally, was that lovely pot of daisies by the Bishop's feet - I love daisies!
    You seem "set in concrete" about not wanting to tat that particular poattern again!

  4. Hi Sally, I also wanted to ask about the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles, is hoping to get 3. So sorry to hear about the ill family members. Hope they are better.

  5. Hi Maureen, I agree the daisies are lovely, the gardens were also fantastic, obviously the Bishop has a gardener! Didn't like the pattern for the cross before I started which sort of influenced the result!
    Hi Singtatter, thanks for your enquiry about the Pop A Bobbin shuttles, hopefully production should start soon, if a bit slowly to begin with. My father and my husband's father are sadly both still in hospital.

  6. All the crosses are great, especially your tatted one.


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