Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin News

First of all to all those who have been enquiring about the Pop-A-bobbin shuttles, due to family commitments which have taken us away from home over the last month, production has slowed down, but it will hopefully get up to speed soon. As soon as more are made they will be put in Jane’s Etsy shop so that everyone has a chance to see and buy, although you will have to be quick!    I can report though that in the little time that "I'm in the garage" has had to make shuttles, he managed to make me a few as he didn't like the fact that I had only one for myself!   So as not to make you green with envy I will post a picture of them another time! He has been experimenting with some new woods and they are fabulous.


The dangles are Jane’s pattern and with all the various thread and beads available each one can be unique. The dangle on the far left has a glittery bead in the middle, Jane and I visited a very special bead shop and purchased some of these, amongst others! One of the threads and also the small orange beads in this particular dangle came in a parcel that Fox sent me, and the blue one has some thread Sue Anna sent me.

These are the goodies Fox so kindly sent and in it are a bag of shells, last year I made the necklace below using shells, my friend saw it so I gave it to her. There is also a packet of wooden beads that look like chips of wood, “chip off the old block” may be!

This is my 98th post so my 100th bloganniversary is very close and in it there will be a giveaway in which you will have a choice of what you want if you win!


  1. New woods? Goody!

    Love those dangles. Now that I have mastered Jon's basic covered ring pattern, I may venture into Jane's more complicated dangles...

    Intrepid Fox : )

  2. At first I thought I was reading the wrong blog....those dangles look a lot like turtles! What fun, to be able to go bead shopping with your sister, but I am sorry to hear about the illnesses in the family.

  3. I thought they looked like turtles, also. Two minds with one great thought! LOL So glad you were the recipient of some goodies….Jane shouldn't get EVERYTHING. LOL

    When the 100 post comes up, I want to be in that number….:>)

    Thinking of you both and the stress of the days…God's blessings upon you and grace to carry on!

    xx BJ

  4. Your dangles are gorgeous! I'm so glad you got your own collection of shuttles, that was very sweet of "I'm in the garage." I look forward to seeing them.

  5. Those dangles are really neat! :)

  6. Love the dangles and the colours you chose are amazing! Cant wait to see your new shuttle collection

  7. Glad you put the thread to good use! Your dangles look great! I can see talant runs in your family. You and your family have been in my prayers. I will email you later, I have a piece of seasoned cherry wood I would like to share(it is a BIG piece of wood) so I have some questions for you and 'I'm in the garage'! Your shuttles are a hit here in Northern Illinois USA!

  8. Fox Jane's pattern is really easy, you will have no trouble with it. Maureen and Bev - suppose they do look like turtles!!!
    Yes Eliz it was a lovely birthday surprise getting my very own shuttles - but you will all have to wait to see them!
    Thanks again Sue Anna - look forward to hearing from you soon.


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