Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Apple Tree

It is always good to be able to show you where some of the wood that is made into shuttles actually comes from.  So far wood has been taken from trees that are still growing near two of the churches that I take services in, cedar and yew.   I must add that permission to cut branches off these trees has to be granted and is usually done by professionals, we are just lucky enough to know it is happening! The holly was found in my late father's garden and now I am showing you the apple tree also in the same garden. In the photograph above is 'Im in the garage' with his chain saw cutting off a branch.   And the other photograph shows Jane hard at work tidying up the little branches that are left so there are just logs to take away.  This was a few weeks ago so the wood will not be ready yet.

Just to proof that she doesn't sit and tat all day! Oh and that she has not turned into a 'flying pig".
But notice she is wearing her tatting, perhaps she goes to bed in it?!

Here is a reminder of what an apple post shuttle looks like, the wood was also taken from this tree.

I heard that one of the tatting shuttles posted to America just before Christmas arrived two and a half months later!  Yet I posted some shuttles on Monday 14th February to America and they arrived on Friday, unbelievable!


  1. Blimey, is that old git really ME? No wonder I never look in the mirror nowadays!!! I look ancient!

  2. He's out of context! - I'm sorry, but I just can't picture him anywhere BUT in the garage - bit like the shoemaker's elves!

  3. always good to see pictures, esp of jane doing some work wearing her tatting, but not tatting. ;)

  4. Is my shuttle from this same tree too? I do find it interesting to hear where the shuttle wood comes from.

  5. We let him out of the garage occasionally Maureen, but he has to take his chain saw with him!
    Yes Val, Jane does have another life apart from sitting tatting!
    Martha your shuttle does come from this tree a branch was taken off the left hand side of it as it hung over the path. You may also have noticed the river Avon in the background.

  6. Hi Sally, I want to tell you that I really like the Cocobolo Rosewood shuttle. The wood has a very nice grain, it is beautiful. I will try it out tonight. So now I have a light colored pop-o-bobbin in Cedar and a dark one in the Cocobolo Rosewood, the set is complete. Thank you!!

  7. My apple-wood shuttle arrived in today’s mail. It was bought for the sentimentality (and tatting, of course) because its from Father’s apple tree on the Avon. Each time I use it I will think of Jane and Sally! It is a lovely wood and it was posted from UK barely a week ago!
    Thank you ‘im in the garage for your great skills.



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