Monday, 14 February 2011

St. Valentine

I have just been reading big sister's blog and her tatting story (please follow her link to 2006). It reminded me, when looking at her passport photograph, that I always envied her long plaited hair. I was never allowed to have my hair long, just had a ribbon sticking out of the top of my head, well that is what it looked like! Although I think my hair was probably too fine as the ribbon spent a lot of time slipping down the side of my face!

The same Grandmother taught me to tat, but a few years after Jane. I do remember sitting in her garden with my tatting shuttle a  light blue plastic one, no idea where it went, sadly lost for ever.   I agree with Jane, as we all do, that the new techniques have made tatting so much more exciting and versatile and the new shuttles have also made the craft even more interesting - well I had to say that!   I am pleased that Jane 'nagged' to learn how to make lace, because if she had not 'nagged' we would have all missed  her designs and invaluable help with our tatting via the internet today.

So here is one of Jane's tatted hearts and wishing everyone a Happy St. Valentine's Day, especially as tatting is one of the loves of our lives!!!


  1. Hi Sally,
    That is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad the service went well. Good idea giving out sweets!!!! I actually still remember pointing out to Cakey nanny that the thread had to flip over. That's amazing considering my memory has never been good. I saw the flip straight away!! Suppose my mind has always been 'flipped'!!!!!

  3. I'd also say Bless the patient Grandmother who taught you both. Do I daresay I imagine Jane could be quite a handful? It's all right, you can tell me. (very big smile!)

  4. beautiful story about your Grandmother, she did an amazing job teaching the 2 of you to tat. what the world would be missing without the 2 of you.

    please say Thank you to "I'm in the garage" for the purpleheart shuttle with hook I was able to get from Etsy yesterday. happy Valentines to me!

  5. A lovely story about your grandmother - I had to laugh, of COURSE she was "the same grandmother"!
    One of my daughters had very little hair until she was well past the age of 2; I used to sticky-tape a ribbon to the top of her head!
    My grandmother didn't tat, but I remember sitting at her feet, watching her knit; we were in a situation where we spent most of every waking moment together as my parents were away a lot. I could wield a little pair of red plastic knitting needles well before my fourth birthday.I still have those needles.

  6. Happy Valentine's, Sally. It's great to have both you and Jane in tatland for sure! Both of you contribute much more to our tatting world than you know it. :)

  7. Great 'Gracias' to Grandma, for Getting the Girls Going!

    We are all Grateful!
    Fox : )


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