Monday, 27 June 2011


Further to the last post when I talked about the Pop-A-bobbins there has been a major development with regard to the hooks for the shuttles.  Basically the wire used for making them is becoming almost impossible to source, especially in the gauge required.  So we are now thinking of ordering crochet hooks and I am so sad to say, mutilating them!   This will of course put the cost of the shuttles up, but on the other hand it means that "Im in the garage" can concentrate on making the shuttles even better, and he has another idea in mind on how to do that.  What we discovered when researching crochet hooks, is that they come in different sizes and these vary with manufacturers, so we are not sure what people will want,  if you have any opinions they would be greatly appreciated and will help with the final decision.  The thinner the better I hear you all shouting!  

I  tatted this square recently and it is going on something else I am making but you will have to wait and see what that is.  This is not my pattern but adapted from another, but I can't remember where from.

Before I close I must tell you of some interesting wood that is being used to make some shuttles, the colour is a greenish yellow, rather like a mustard colour.  When one is complete I will show you, but there is a very limited supply so very few shuttles will be made from it.


  1. My favourite hook size is a 0.4mm one. Hope you can get some of those. They'll 'fit' seed beads a treat!!

  2. I use my size .4mm almost exclusively- if you're looking for input.

  3. I use a size 14/.75mm the most but for really tiny beads, the size 15 or 16 is handy. They break so easily, however (15 & 16) that I would not put them on a shuttle. But...I don't use the bobbin shuttles with hooks myself so don't listen to me!

  4. I find that a size 12 is good for 20 weight thread, but for beading, I keep a 16. I wouldn't want a 16 on a shuttle most of the time though. I even like the size 10s I've put in a few of the Corian shuttles I've carved, but I work with the 20 weight thread almost exclusively, so a bigger hook splits the thread less. I would say that anything 10 or smaller would be fine for most tatters, so if you find a big lot inexpensively, go for it! (Also, Susan Bates hooks work better than Boye for me.)

  5. I use .75mm for joining, and I always have the very tiny 0.4mm for unpicking and beading; I find that if I use that size for joining, it invariably splits the thread.
    This is great news - because I never managed to come to terms with the hook, and prefer my hookless shuttle! - however a pop-a-bobbin with a .75 attached would be a dream!
    Oh - and I also found the home-made hook too long to manipulate, it's easier to use the length on the Aeros.

  6. Many years ago when I started tatting I was able to buy a shuttle with a hook, the hook is very very small and about 2 and quater inches look, the hook size I dont know but I can get it though large beads, so I think it must be 1.00 as the new one I brought has the same size hook and marked 1.00.
    I dont use shuttles with hooks on they are too dangerous.

  7. I must really thank you all for your comments they have helped tremedously in finding out which size to go for on the end of the pop-a-bobbin. The 0.4 mm might not stand the wear and tear but might be good set in a wooden handle? Apart from that finding crochet hooks size 0.4 mm is not easy but they can be obtained from the UK at a price! Reluctant to order from the USA (which includes Susan Bates) as the English Customs seem to get hold of the parcels and make the consignment cost too much. I have though today ordered a small quantity of .75 from this country to see what they look like as perhaps a starting point. Will keep you informed, haven't given up on the 0.4 idea yet Jane!

  8. I had the experience of holding (and doing a few stitches with) a Pop-A bobbin shuttle at our Christmas event (Carol Lawecki's mom brought it for me), and I was SO impressed with it.! Beautiful work!!!

    I'd prefer the US size 10 or 11, or whatever is on the Aero shuttles from England). Although I often do use the hook to un-tat, I actually rely more on a separate blunt-end needle to unpick stitches, especially on 'fuzzy' threads.

    Even though adding the crochet hook means an incease in the price of the shuttle, I believe It's well worth it from several standpoints - the main one being that it's one less thing for your husband to make, and we want him to 'enjoy' making these wonderful shuttles! I knew they would be popular! I think they're VERY reasonably priced for all the work that goes into them!

  9. Yes sally I would love one of those beautiful rare wood shuttles! PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!! I would also love a o.4mm crochet hook with a wooden handle! oooohhhh! Can it be matching wood??? Ooooohhhh!!!!! (okay maybe not) but CAN IT????? ooooooohhhh! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!!!!!!

  10. I just thought of something that might make the "mutilation" of the crochet hook less sad...use the end to make a picot gauge. Most are 3/8 inches in circumference (or close to it), and the non-hook end works well as a picot gauge...and it is already shortened!

  11. Thanks Kathy for your lovely comments, even though the numer sizing of crochet hooks may be the same, they do seem to vary with manufacturers.
    Ah Tatting Chic you will have to wait until they are put into Jane's Etsy shop, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment!
    Thanks Susie for another idea, will not throw these mutilated hooks out just yet!


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