Sunday, 10 July 2011

Arts Festival

Today marks the end of a really busy time preparing for the local Arts Festival which has involved three of our churches. There has been a lot of administration work as well as helping set up and co-ordinate the events.  Last weekend one of the churches was open for a flower festival and this weekend the two remaining churches were open, one for an exhibition of art and the other was filled with flowers and fabrics.  They were all well attended and the thought now of removing all the displays is a bit daunting.   I was able to exhibit my tatting in this weekend events, the pew ends which were in this post, and this little display of crochet baskets with tatted flowers,  butterflies and bees.

There was a seaside corner which had this little picture in it.

In the other church these pictures were exhibited

The red sticker means that someone has purchased it. There was also an angel picture, but it kept flying around the church and each time I visited was seen in a different place!

Although the seahorse picture was not actually on sale as it was part of the flower and fabrics display someone is keen to buy it.  I also had a lot of people interested in tatting, many said that they had never seen it before whilst others declared it a dying art.  One person this morning said she tried to learn the craft many years ago and still had her shuttles I pointed her in the direction of the internet and hoped that by looking at blogs and following the many tutorials she would soon pick it up, and left my contact details too. 

Above all I felt pleased that I had put tatting in front of so many people as a useful and versatile  craft as well as a work of art. 


  1. Well done - so pleased it was such a success.

  2. How wonderful and rewarding to have so many people see your work! It all looks fantastic!

  3. wonderful Sally, your tatting looks really good I am pleased that someone wants to buy your wonderful tatting they will enjoy it.

  4. Rock on, Sally! Good for you!
    Fox : ))

  5. Oh, and look at those little bundles of rosettes in the baskets!(smile) They look really sweet. I'm so glad you're giving tatting exposure here. I don't think it will ever be the quickest craft to learn for the majority of people but it IS one that is especially treasured once one learns.

  6. It's wonderful you showed your tatting. Glad people are getting acquainted with this art again. Surely tatting's not dying with such an enthusiastic community!


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