Wednesday 27 July 2011

Flying Saucers - to be a child again!!

In the 1960s you could buy flying saucer sweets  - which are like two coloured communion wafers  (rice paper) with a bit of sherbert in the middle.  I can well remember walking back from school and purchasing four of them for just a penny from the sweet shop.    I made this small needle cushion to look like one as I can never find a needle especially when  finishing a tatting project. The pattern is my own but is a little crowded, not sure if I want to revisit it at the moment but the nice thing was it was made in one hit.    

Now you can buy flying saucers packaged in sealed plastic bags but somehow they do not taste the same, or have the same appeal as the ones that were put in a paper bag for you, once you handed over your precious penny.

Perhaps I long for those days when sweets were a luxury and were cherished by children and so I covered this tray with them!  Notice the flying saucers.

Just one picture of a Beaver Scout enjoying himself on Saturday it was a fun filled day and all the children and adults enjoyed themselves.   The weather also stayed fine which was a bonus after an awful week of rain.

This is not a child being captured in a net, in case you thought it was! It is the last part of an assualt course which they absolutely loved.


  1. Flying saucers, Yes I remember, you and I must be of a certain age. and the plastic bags of them today no they dont seem the same,
    I am glad you had a good camp and he looks like hes the winner, I did realise he was on an assult course.

  2. I don't remember flying saucers, but then we seldom had candy of any type. Sometimes on the way to school, my sister and I would stop at the gas station and get two pretzel sticks for a penny. If we were feeling really brave, we'd buy a piece of forbidden bubble gum. The problem was always how to get rid of it!

    I love your needle cushion! I've often thought that tatted motifs would be excellent for pin cushions. I just haven't taken the time to pursue the idea... that would mean less time for tatting! : )

  3. Ah, the flying saucers! Memories, eh?

  4. While I've never heard of flying saucers (in the dessert form), they sound delicious. Your pin cushion is a delight.


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