Saturday, 16 July 2011


There are African elephants and Indian elephants but here is Jane's elephant.

I went to an exhibition of quilts this afternoon and here is one with elephants.

Here is a line of elephants

Just to let you know that I have ordered more crochet hooks this time 0.60 mm for the pop-a-bobbin shuttles, not sure if they will be suitable, but worth a try. 

 I am looking forward to being able to find more time to tat.  Next weekend is a Scouting event which I am trying to organise but unfortunately travellers have decided to take over the field we were going to use, so the event will have to be re-located somewhere else, you have no idea the amount of extra work this is generating for me, even less time to tat!


  1. Summers can be so filled with activity - hope you find another location easily.

    My daughter loves the African elephants with the BIG ears. Your tatted elephant is so sweet!

  2. Is that REALLY my elephant? You've made him look much better than the original. I'm tempted to make another!

  3. I remember that Jane's elephant was one of the very first patterns I was able to tat; it had been published in a magazine, and I was so impatient, waiting for it to make it's way to Australia! It was on a very slow boat.

  4. Beautiful elephant, it looks so real, well done, I hope your scouts group have a great weekend where ever you end up.

  5. Ah scouts yes it is time consuming. Good luck with finding another spot. We have several scout camps over here and I have done many times as scout leader being there in the hottest week of June!
    Great elephant. Looks good enough to 'walk' of the page!


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