Tuesday 20 September 2011

Christmas Decorations

At the moment there is a huge attic clear-out happening at our house, for the past 25 years items have been put up there and it has ended up being a complete mess.  With the past two Winters being very cold in England many lofts/attics need more insulation,  although some would say that filling them up acts as extra insulation!  So for the past month we have been trying to sort, clear and tidy the contents of our attic in preparation to put more lagging down.  However, the process has been extremely slow because my grown up boys have used the place as a storage for university papers/books, CDs, DVDs etc. As one lives in Singapore and the other in a small flat there is no way they are going to be able to remove these possessions in a hurry, or even at all.  Sunday morning therefore, I took the opportunity to 'facetime' my son in Singapore on my Ipad whilst sitting in the loft, he then was able to give instructions to what could be thrown out - not much so far!  
Christmas Decorations are stored in the loft and they were given a good sort out with old faded tinsel being thrown away, one of the bags which contained this tinsel I used to put my sons suit in to take to the dry cleaners yesterday.  Not realising what the bag had originally contained I removed the suit and gold stars fell all over the floor.  Fortunately there was a counter so no one saw the little gold stars that came out at the same time, I made a hasty retreat, although I still have to go back and collect the suit.
One of the Lizbeth threads that I am not so keen on, I hasten to say that the majority are fantastic, is the Christmas one, but it looks just right on these baubles.

They are not being stored in the attic, but are ready to be given away at Christmas. This is my own pattern (pattern on right hand side), although I have found that the stitch count has to be altered depending on the thread size and the shape of the baubles.


  1. Gold stars?!? Are you collecting gold stars for your crown? (Hee!)

    Love the baubles....

  2. So like children. Mom and Dad can store it for us! lol
    I agree about that color of Lizbeth thread, not one of my favorites.
    Love the bobbles will have to try them!

  3. Pity you don't have an ex husband like I did when needing to get rid of your nieces's 'stuff'. I dumped it on him. Literally. Stuffed it in his porch, on his garden all 'neatly' wrapped in bin bags!!! Shame he was out at the time - would've loved to have seen his face when he returned even though he was warned!!!!
    Love the baubles - they're really sparkling on the photo.

  4. I sorted through my Christmas decorations the past 2 years and got rid of more than half of what I had! I won't have a big tree this year so I'm not sure what to do with the rest. Maybe get a little tree? Good luck on the insulating!

  5. Not as bad as we are, Sally - we STILL pay rent on a storage unit,almost 2 years after we downsized into a small, modern, uncluttered house - and 90% of it is taken up with "ÿou can't possibly throw that out" boxes belonging to our 5 children.
    All adult, all with their own homes - which THEY don't want to fill up with clutter!
    They are on a time-limit though, the storage unit will be gone by January 1st!
    That Christmas thread is gorgeous in size 80.

  6. When you have finished in the loft mine could do with a sort out, I know what you mean about the the cold winter we had last year and it looks as if we could have another one, I dont want it it was bad enough last year, not used to snow.
    Lovely baubles,


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