Monday, 5 September 2011

Lovely Thread

Sue Anna kindly sent me more beautiful Lizbeth thread and also one skein of HDT which she gave to Jane when she met her in July.   They are all going to be put to good use.   I just can't get over the colours which I believe are the new range.

Originally I purchased this piece of Irish Linen to put a border of tatting around it, as you can see it has been folded up and put away and still bears all the crease marks.   I am so spoilt for choice deciding which thread to use.  As you can see  I have placed two possibilities next to the linen, but now the next decision is an edging pattern.  I would like to tat one that is challenging, only has one round, but also has some depth to it. The linen measures 18" x 17 1/2".

The butterfly that was in my previous post has been framed.  I did have to paint the frame pink, but it has turned out rather well.

Well off to search again for an edging pattern...................


  1. I like wide edgings that can be done in one round too. Here's one from Rosemarie Peel
    Another is here
    One here too
    and another
    I could find more so shout if you want more!!!

  2. *chuckles* Diane always goes for the blue. Nothing wrong with that! Both threads would look lovely worked into lace for Irish Linen (so envious). Have fun browsing edging patterns!

  3. Yes they have some lovely thread colours at the moment. I hope you enjoy your new thread, Lovely butterfly goes w2ell with the frame.


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