Monday, 12 September 2011

The edging so far

It took me sometime to decide on an edging pattern for the Irish linen, I started several but they either did not look right or the instructions were a bit vague.  In the end I found Mark Myers "crowning glory" and used the Easter Eggs thread, this is the result.  I did alter the ring - top middle slightly, making the picots a little larger.  The picture shows it placed by the linen, I have not started to sew it on yet. Not sure if it will be finished this side of Christmas!

It is a sad week in our parish as the Vicar is saying good bye to a car he has owned for 28 yrs, a Morris Traveller.  The reason that it has to go is that it is rather rusty underneath and would cost a fortune to repair.  He has sold it to someone who can spend the time and money to do the essential repairs.  The car has been a topic of conversation with all whom he has met over the years, many saying "our first car was like that".  Being a passenger though was not that comfortable, and in Winter it was freezing!

We will all miss seeing the car around the village and hearing the roar of the engine, but at least it will be going to someone who will save if from the heavenly scrap yard!


  1. nice edging, very pretty colors, you do very nice tatting.
    interesting car, never saw one like it before.
    good looking shuttles too.

  2. Your edging is beautiful...and so is that wonderful old Morris Minor. A sad day indeed!
    Fox : )

  3. The edging pattern and thread are perfect! (Love the shuttles, too! I am delighted with my Pop-A-Bobbin and hope to do a post soon!)

    DH and I attend many car shows. We are the original owners of a '69 Pontiac GTO 'muscle car' that still looks and drives great after 42 years and lots of care, but is definitely not fuel efficient, so it is just for 'show' these days! (You can see it in my blog if you type GTO in the Search box). We have many happy memories of driving it when we were young during the 1970s, when it was our 'only' car. The gas crisis in '73 caused us to seek more fuel efficient vehicles, but we couldn't part with our GTO!

    So we appreciate that car enthusiasts preserve auto history. Each of our cars over the years has fond memories for us, not to mention our parents' cars when we were children in the 1950s, and it's fun to see these historic cars at the shows.

    The Morris Traveller has served well and it's great that it will find a new home!

  4. That edging is perfect for the linen. Such a shame about Robin's car. Wonder what he'll buy to replace it?

  5. That is a really pretty edging.
    What a perfect car for a vicar I can imagine him stopping in the village to offer a lift to Miss Marple. :-) I wonder what he'll get next, hope it isn't something ultra modern to maintain the illusion. :-)

  6. The edging is perfect for that linen.

    Ah are part of an everchanging era! Perhaps you'll at least be warm and and comfortable on future rides!

  7. It looks like you've found the perfect edging! I'm glad there's someone who has the time and money to save that wonderful car. They sure don't build them like they used to! That said, I'm very glad mine has heat in the winter!

  8. Isn't that thread a beautiful colour!
    My first car was Morris Minor too - I loved it so much, that lovely leather smell - but it was the 70's, and it was tiny, and there just wasn't room for the first two babies in the back seat.
    Tell your vicar to keep it and save up to restore it - a new car just won't be the same.

  9. Beautiful edging, Have not seen one of those cars for years, so pleased it will be saved and restored.


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