Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year

The last day of February, the month when snowdrops are seen. The dove is made out of the oak wood left over from the making of the font, there are another 30 resting in a basket.  A few bits of wood have also been reserved for some shuttles, so as the wood was originally in the church for many years (underneath the altar) they will be very holy shuttles!

It is of course a Leap Year and today 29th February gives us an extra day which only happens once every 4 yrs.  These extra days are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the sun. It is also the year that women are supposed to be able to propose to men, what's new?!

Leap stands for something that jumps, or taking a leap in a different direction,  in my case it stands for leaping from one country to another.  I am travelling to see my son in Singapore this year, and have another trip in the planning stage, but more of that later.

Time to leap over to the wood pile!  We are delighted to say that more Mahonia wood has been sourced and these pieces have been cut trimmed and are now drying out.  It is the yellow shuttle on the top of my blog and is quite popular.

Also this plum cherry was found locally and so it is also drying -  look at that lovely pink stripe in it.

Pop-a-bobbin shuttle making has commenced again as the font is finished.  The new crochet hooks have arrived so the hook holders can now be made for them.   My 200th blog post is also nearly here and I am planning a giveaway but cannot decide what - will have to see what is in the garage!


  1. The plum cherry looks VERY pretty. Can't wait to see that made up. Tell Dan to source the best bead shops to take you to in Singapore - I'll give you some pocket money to spend!!!!!

  2. I have been holding my breath all day, hoping that my grandchild will NOT be born today! - only a few hours to go and then I can let it out.
    How exciting, to be going to Singapore!

  3. I am eagerly waiting for the hook holders.

    The last time I was in Singapore was last year where I met with Sheila Dutton. She took me to Arab Street for the beads and loads of notions. I can't recall exactly which shops they were, but if you take a walk along the walkways, you will not miss them.

  4. Those woods look so luscious, especially the plum cherry! I can hardly wait for the opportunity to purchase another Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle! I do love mine!

  5. Love that dove! Are you planning on selling some? :)

    I'll take you bead-shopping. I know the nooks and crannies. With Jane's word about giving you the pocket money, you will be sure to enjoy this trip!

  6. Happy Leap Day.
    have a fun trip.

  7. An amazing post! I can't imagine where you have the room to store all that wood! The baptismal font is beautiful, and the doves are so special! You always have such interesting stories and histories about the woods.

    And what an exciting trip coming up, to see your son! Isn't it amazing that you already 'know' tatters who live in Singapore?

    As to Leap Year, I always do wonder about those who are born on Feb. 29. My niece (now 21) was born on the 27th, but it wasn't a leap year, so it wasn't a worry to us back in 1991.

  8. Maureen - I hope your grandchild has arrived safely.
    Jon - 'Im in the garage has now a bad cold (man flu) so nothing being produced at the moment! Arab street sounds great, think I will have to take an empty suitcase!
    Diane - thanks for your lovely compliment, the woods are so tempting aren't they?!
    Val - My boys think that all I want to buy is beads!! Whatever gave them that impression?! As for the nooks and crannies sounds like you are the best guide. Yes we are selling the doves for the upkeep of the church.
    Ladytats - we are sure to have a fun trip, not going quite yet though.
    Kathy - You are right the wood is taking over this place! We are very excited about our trip especially as our other son is coming with us so we will be together as a family a rare event.

  9. I would love to purchase a pop a bobbin shuttle! Please let me know when available!

  10. Tats - Be assured I will let you know when they are available.


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