Monday, 30 April 2012

Just the two of us!

A bit of tatting and a lot of nattering went on this weekend as I was with Jane.   This was a photograph taken with Jane holding her Ipad, it took quite a few attempts to get a reasonable picture!  

As the year progresses I hope to get a few more photographs of myself and other tatters, who I will be meeting in various parts of the world.

In my luggage was the latest batch of shuttles which will be sold in her Etsy shop very soon.

Jane also introduced me to this most useful tool that I did not know even existed, it is for opening split rings so that chains etc can be fitted on them.  The gadget is now on my shopping list, no I did not take hers away with me!  Previous to discovering it I was trying to open them with scissors and my poor nails and you can guess who came off the worst!

I went for a shower yesterday and the cat had decided to get there before me!  I am now home where there are no felines to get in my way!

But she is cute!


  1. what fun to see the 2 of you. and I will enjoy seeing the other tatters you chance to meet.
    have a great time on your travels.

  2. My better half (who makes jewellery) informs me that opening the rings like that weakens the ring.

    She has some of these gadgets which you wear as a ring, and twist the split ring, with a small pair of pliers to open and close it. (There are too many rings in that explanation!)

  3. What an unusual cat! - they usually avoid water. I suppose you had to wait until it pleased her to vacate the shower?
    I'm having a visiting tatter too, later this year - Ginny Weathers is coming to stay, and I'm so excited about it. It's been six years since she was last here.

  4. Fun photo! Have a blast!
    Fox : )

  5. Now there are two of my favorite people! Great picture of the two of you.
    The tool looks like a jewelery pliers . I would like to see it in action.
    Shuttles!! I will have to look at those.

  6. So - I see you at last! And Nick's lovely cat too....

  7. Let me know if you come to Minnesota! There are two of us here so it would be like two for the price of one- haha! But it would be a great honor too!

  8. Don't forget - Nick was lurking in the house too!!!! The cat is a nightmare with the bath. Sometimes she goes to sleep there too!!! She loves watching the water and doesn't mind sitting in puddles but beware if it heads towards her!!! Strange moggy!!!

  9. So much fun to spend time with your sister - mine was here visiting me last week and I loved it. Pretty cat!

  10. Oh what a cute cat!! Enjoy your journey!

  11. Hi Sally

    I hope you enjoy your holiday. Worried though, as to who is going to keep an eye on Jane whilst you are away?

    Which countries are you visiting?

  12. Thanks Ladytats, I will have a great time.
    Maureen the cat ran away when she saw me approaching! Enjoy your visitor.
    Yes Crazy Mom she is Nick's cat!
    Sue Anna thanks for your compliments, I need a bit more practice with the pliers!
    Teresa well good things happen when I am with Jane like receiving your lovely shuttle sock.
    I will Michelle, but I don't think it is likely!
    Anne I am going to Singapore and Indonesia for a start, but will be in e.mail contact with Jane.
    Thanks Gunhild
    That is some ring Adrian! As for the rings becoming weakened by using the pliers, it is better that happening than the temper I get into when they fly around the room before I have got them opened by using other methods!

  13. Great picture of you and your sister. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  15. Thank you Anonymous, I had no idea it was listed so can't help you


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