Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Bookmarks

We are having awful weather in the UK so much rain and it is really cold, just a fortnight ago some water authorities were about to impose a hosepipe ban due to an acute shortage of rainfall.  On Sunday I saw a really funny sight in the middle of the town, a man was standing with an umbrella sheltering from the rain and a duck had decided to waddle next to him so that it also did not get wet!    

Panic hit the country just before Easter after the petrol tanker drivers threatened to go on strike, culminating into a fuel shortage as people filled up their tanks.  The latest shortage is postage stamps as people rush to buy them before a huge price increase next week.  Things are really crazy here.  

I turned the Easter Egg pattern into a bookmark

This is Martha Ess's bookmark Mirror, Mirror from her book Playing with Picots

Also from the same book Canopy

No one said there was going to be a shortage of thread or shuttles so we just keep on tatting!  Which reminds me I have to test some pop-a-bobbin shuttles this evening ready for the next batch to be delivered to Janes.


  1. It's rained all day up here too. The river will be over it's banks tomorrow if it carries on. Lovely bookmarks. That's a point - if there is going to be a thread (or bead) shortage perhaps we should start stocking up?

  2. Love the Easter Egg - it almost looks like a sweet little purse.

  3. What a lovely vision! Just duckey!
    Fox : ))

  4. At least it's good to know that people are still writing letters and need stamps - although so much mail now comes with printed labels instead.
    I love the colour of your Canopy bookmark - gorgeous tomato red.

  5. Lovely bookmarks!!!
    Easter egg bookmarks is so cute.
    Today is rain day in Tokyo, too.
    We can enjoy to tatting :)

  6. I agree, stocking up on thread sounds like a good idea!
    I would have loved to see the duck getting out of the rain!
    I think the Easter egg would fantastic in brown and some of my sew on googly eyes. Then it could pass for Mr. Potato Head. But I can see a little purse too.

  7. Lovely bookmarks, Sally!

    Oh wow, there'd better not be a shortage in threads or there'll be frenzy and mayhem in tatland! LOL

  8. Good idea to turn the egg into a bookmark. I've already been led astray by the threat of not being able to buy beads - the local bead shop is closing down, so I went and bought a whole lot of beads that it will probably take an age to use!

  9. I had to laugh at your funny about the duck - what a sight!
    Your egg turned into a wonderful bookmark. All the bookmarks look good :)
    Let's hope there's not shortage of beads or threads. Of course, I have so much of them I could tat for the rest of my life and not run out, but no new stuff would terrible!!!

  10. Weather has been rainy and cold here also. There isn't a fuel shortage but prices have jumped. I think that the ones in charge just say that so they can raise the prices and make bigger profits .
    Love the bookmarks.


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