Thursday, 19 April 2012

The wrong pattern!

As you know my big sister has written and so kindly shared many of her patterns.  Over the years I have managed to tat only about half of them.  On her last blog post she showed a pattern that went over a CD and I got it mixed up with another pattern of hers that I had tatted in that era which was this one 

The clever thing about this snowflake pattern is the two thicknesses of thread that are used.  The tatting isn't very good as I was learning to do SCMRs at the time, but it was a really good way to practise them.

I also look at the thread colours and sigh to myself, as at that time I had such a limited supply, even some of the beads I don't recognise anymore.  I feel very spoilt now with all the different colours that are available including variegated, and HDT - its a tatters paradise!


  1. Lovely! I especially like the blue and yellow!

  2. You're so lucky, to have your own "in-house "tatting designer! - and I love the motif at the top, the colours are lovely.
    As to choice - I think I have reached saturation point, with all these new Lizbeth threads. I find it hard enough to choose from half a dozen options, and with the hundreds of variegated and plain shades now, I can only stand in front of the shelves helplessly! And then when I get home, I find I've picked up the wrong ones anyway.
    I've decided that in future, I will look only at the solid shades, and leave the variegates alone.

  3. Lovely snowflakes,

    You are lucky to have a designer on tap when you need her. I totally agree that now we have such wonderful colours, we were so limited years ago, I had someone who came to see me last year about a pattern and she was still in the dark ages I gave her a quick up date and brought up into the 21st century. She was gobsmacked when she left at what she had missed out on.

  4. I love these beautiful stars :)


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