Friday 29 June 2012

Colour me Purple!

The best news this week was to learn that I have won a set of Aerlit shuttles when they come out in Autumn (fall). I did this by choosing a name for the purple set which you will see here on Jane's blog.

My cabin bag which I took on four aeroplanes this month is also very purple and on it I attached the little tatted dangle.  A couple of days ago two people rang my door bell and handed me the dangle you see attached to it and said "we believe this must be yours". They had been walking past my home and found it lying in the gutter.  Well I was so surprised, firstly seeing it in their hands and secondly realising that I had actually lost it.  What had happened is that when getting out of the taxi from the local coach station after my holiday, it must have come off.  Now I could have lost it at any time during my travels but it didn't detach itself until reaching home. Incidently the dangle had been lying in the gutter for over a week and was only recognised by one of the ladies because she herself tats!

The Indonesian lady you see in the picture was one of the people who was eager to take a photograph of my youngest son, he is 32 years old so not exactly a little boy!  So I decided that I would take a photograph of her, well it was only fair!  In the background, although you can hardly see it, is the volcanic mountain Merapil which last erupted in 2010.   Lifes were lost and there is still visable signs of the devastation it caused.

The mountain sits along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a series of fault lines that stretches from the Pacific coasts of the Americas through Japan and into Southeast Asia.  Everywhere is grey volcanic ash which gets into you sandals and coats your feet. Although I should have brought some home with me because it is obviously works well as a foot scrub.

Just a sneak preview of what I am working on at the moment, I admit it doesn't look much but hopefully the finished piece of work will be a bit more impressive!


  1. Ah, purple. Reminds me of the Shottery Grammar School's uniform. Do you remember they were called the 'purple people eaters'!!!!! This is an interesting post. Thanks.

  2. Oh yes I remember, in fact the Curate at our church used to go to that school, and was quite surprised when I knew what they were called.

  3. I love your edging, especially the twist for the chain. Very creative.

  4. lucky you to get your motif back. did the picot thread break? or did the jump ring simply stretch?
    I too like purple.
    your edging looks interesting.

  5. I never used to like purple, but now I love it! I'm so glad someone found your tatted piece. I had something similar happen when my daughter Joanne was married. One of the waitresses admired the tatted edging on my hankie and was able to return it to me when she found it. Congratulations on winning the Aerlit shuttles!

  6. No the picot thread did not break Jeannne. I think what happened was when we were struggling with the suitcases the clip on the bag which I had put the dangle on must have opened - Diane, you like purple! Now I had you down as a blue person!!!! Pleased you also got your hankie back.

  7. Congratuations on winning the shuttles! It will be so interesting to see how well they work compared to the original Aero.

    That's amazing about the return of the dangle! How nice that you didn't have to wonder where it had gone. Poor thing languishing in the rain close to home! And found by a tatter, of course! That's a great color for your bag! It's kind of a lucky color for you!

    And more interesting stories from your trip! I enjoy hearing them!

  8. I can top your dangle story: I have a couple of Jane's magnetic brooches, which I love. About a year ago I donned one and set out on a long day of shopping/visiting/things to do - and at the last place I stopped, as I got out of the car, I noticed the flower part of the brooch sitting happily on the OUTSIDE of the car door!!
    It must have travelled over 50 kms that day - and survived to tell the tale.
    Sadly I never found the other part of the magnet.
    Congratulations on your exciting prize!

  9. I still call my baby, who is a mere 38, ‘Cherub’ and ‘Baby Boy!’ And he still responds!

    The purple is intriguing...

    Fox : )

  10. Congratulations on winning some shuttles,

    I love the colour and the pattern looks interesting


  11. That dangle's pretty. Thank goodness it's lost and found again! I'd be very sad when I lose my little things...

    Can't wait to see your new project when it's completed. :)

  12. Very pretty dangle!! And I love the color on the new project!! :)

  13. Lovely design. I love purple and the twist is very unique. Would love to do that sometime.

  14. i just had to come back to discuss further the origin of the 'purple people eater' description of the school uniforms.

    The novelty rock 'n roll era song of that name was very big in the States in 1958, sung by Sheb Wooley. Were the uniforms named by the kids after that song came out? (I was in 9th grade at the time!) Or is there some other "English" meaning?

  15. Kathy - I am sure it had something to do with the song, and certainly in those days purple was an unusual colour for a school uniform, they were usually dark green, brown etc. The pupils did rather stand out and a lot of them must have resented wearing it, nowadays it would be thought rather cool!


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