Saturday 23 June 2012

Meeting another tatter

It was quite a challenge meeting Val whilst we were in Singapore, due mainly to an over possessive family! It  was even more of a challenge to meet up with Ellen (Singtatter) mainly because she was away for most of the time that I was in Asia, but I did manage to catch up with her before returning home.  We met outside the MTR very near to where my son lives, we had a very quick chat and went on our separate ways.    It was long enough to hand over the shuttles Ellen had bought, this is the first time that I have done a personal delivery service!   Here is a picture of us.

Ellen kindly handed to me her latest sunflower paperclip design which she has not published yet.  My youngest son was taken with this (he never usually comments on my tatting!) and said he wouldn't mind having such a paperclip in his office.  Since then I have downloaded some of Ellen's patterns and now I am on the look out for slightly larger paper clips as the ones I have (in abundance) are too small.

Ellen also included this flower and again my son commented on it,
 as you can see it is so pretty.

Although of course it is a rose, it did remind me of this orchid which we saw in Singapore's orchid garden

Thank you Ellen and it was great to meet another tatter.


  1. what a lovely visit. and such pretty gifts.

  2. You've had a wonderful time! - and your green necklace is beautiful, it matches the shirt perfectly. Did you make one for every outfit?

  3. Is that the necklace you've lost in the first picture? I LOVE that necklace. Love the paperclip too.

  4. Good for you for not giving up on meeting Ellen. I remember being amazed when she was one of the first tatters to comment on my blog back in 2008, indeed the first international tatter, and I couldn't get over that I had heard from someone in Singapore! Such a sweet and talented gal! Very lovely gifts, too!

  5. Looks like you both had a wonderful visit! Those are all beautiful gifts.

  6. How. Lovely to meet another tatter and gorgeous gifts love the paper lip and rose.


  7. I am so glad you met Val and Ellen and had a lovely time in Singapore.

    That flower is a ginger flower. We use the chopped up flower bud for some dishes like rojak. Read about it here

  8. No Maureen I don't have a necklace for every outfit, well not yet!!! Jane it was the necklace I lost but found it in my tatting bag, should have looked there first! Kathy it is such a priviledge meeting tatters from other parts of the world and well worth the effort! Thank you umintsuru for the link, interesting how you use it in cooking. Will eventually show some pictures of some food dishes, which we enjoyed whilst in Asia.

  9. It sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time together.

  10. what a lovely blog & super tatting

  11. Do you have a pattern form the petal? It is gorgeous! I really love it!

    1. No sorry I don't have the pattern Carolien as it was a gift, but you could ask Ellen who made it Singtatter


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