Thursday 2 August 2012

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Whilst I was with Val in Singapore she took me to some amazing shops and one in particular actually sold tatting books, you did not have to order them, they were in stock! Having the choice of so many, I just had to buy one.  Since my return to England  I have managed to tat something from the book, the start of a doily. Two more rounds to go and I will have finished.

Also from the same shop I purchased this thread, a huge ball! 

This is the book the pattern is from

In Indonesia we saw an amazing banyan tree and on it was this sign, I just had to take a photograph of it

 it was broken in two halves and this is what it really said

But you were allowed to swing on it

So my eldest son and 'Im in the garage' had a go


  1. Beautiful doily!

    Tat tree sure looks like fun!

  2. Gorgeous colours, gorgeous pattern and thank you for sharing your great pictures, I never knew we had a tatting tree in the world

  3. Very pretty thread, to make a pretty doily. I like the way the chains are wound round each other.

  4. It just sounds so exotic to say one has been to Singapore!

    This doily is starting out very nicely - pretty thread! I love the 'crossed' chains. I'm assuming the pattern is diagrammed? It seems that tatting is very strong in Japan. I'm curious about its history there.

    That tree is amazing!

  5. If you don't mind, could you give me the address and tel number or details of where you picked up tatting supplies in Singapore? Did they have shuttles too? My fiance is there and would love to get my hands on some rainbow thread, a couple of shuttles and some fancy books too... any title suggestions - I don't want a basics book, as most of that I can find online. Something with complex patterns or ideas. Although crochet is pretty famous, tatting is a non-existent craft in Mumbai,India.
    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  6. I bet you were really upset at not being allowed to climb that tree. Love that thread and the doily is looking great.

  7. Michelle the tat tree was fun! There you go Margaret tatting is world wide!! Jane the chains were a bit of a challenge. Yes Kathy the instructions are in Japanese but the diagrams are very clear.
    Quirkypink I was taken to this stall so haven't got a clue where I was exactly in Singapore, but it was called the Golden Dragon Store and is located in Chinatown hope this link helps and yes they did have tatting shuttles.
    Thanks Jane, I think my tree climbing days are over!

  8. ooo thanks so much, this more than helps, Im sure he can figure it out from there! :)

  9. Quirkypink you are more than welcome and I hope your fiance brings you back loads of tatting supplies.

  10. yup!! hehe... now to work my feminine charms on him ;)

  11. Ah, so you are a tree climber, a fun past time. did you try swinging with the guys?
    I like your thread and that will be a pretty doily when finished as it is pretty now.

  12. No Jeanne I did not swing on the tree because it was way too hot!

  13. Ohhh.... that is too pretty! Looks like a fun day was had..
    Fox : )

  14. wowwwww, sally, you actually started tatting from the book! you are way better... i hadn't had the chance to flip through it since picking it up. :p

    the doily's looking very pretty! can't wait to see it when it's complete.

  15. Lovely thread and a great start on sure to let us see it when you finish.


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