Thursday, 6 September 2012

Atlanta meeting

Look at this meeting in Atlanta. Do you recognise any of these tatters?

Okay you may know Sandra and Jane but the two on the left of the picture are Sara and Hanna from Sweden. We met them this morning and they are so excited about attending Tat Days and guess what they are sisters just like Jane and myself.

We really had a fab time together looking around the city of Atlanta, thank you Sandra.


  1. How exciting!! <3
    I wish I had time to sight see when we come down. My parents have insisted on driving us though, so we will be getting there a little late and have to leave early Saturday evening. :o(
    But :o) I'm still excited!

  2. How exciting! I was looking at the Palmetto's site just today, thinking of all the tatters gettign there. Have fun everyone!

  3. What a lovely picture! - and how was the flight? - no travel sickness, I hope.

  4. Turning a little green with envy here in Western PA! I'm glad you have a personal tour guide to see Atlanta. Years ago (before GPS) DH and I had to 'wing it', reading maps when we were there and everything is named Peach Street!!! Also - eight lanes of traffic to navigate! But it's an exciting city and a great place to visit! Have some friends living there, but haven't seen them for awhile.

    Can't believe you have time to post! Thanks for the great photo! Jane's all coordinated with her tatted brooch, collar, and earrings! And another set of sisters! How amazing!!

  5. oh, lucky all of you.
    have a really great time.

  6. I am so envious of all of you that can make it to Tat Days.

    I hope I can wake up early on Saturday for the live streaming. I am about 12 hours ahead so the Friday evening is early Saturday morning for me here.

  7. What fun! Wish I was there too. :)

  8. It was a great time! And I´m so glad to have get to know you! We had a smooth flight home, and now I am with my family again, and happy about that also ofcourse!

  9. I loved meeting you!! I´m at home now, and enjoying my family! It was a great time at Tat Days. Hope you have a safe trip home too!


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