Saturday, 29 September 2012

Owls and Scarecrows

When we were at Tat Days there was a 'Night Owl' class during which we made some owls by finger tatting with wool, it was great fun and required minimum skill. Also by then our eyes were quite tired so it was easy on them too!  I made this one when I got home as all the owls that we made at tat days are going to a State Fair next month.  Riet took the class and it was lovely to meet her at last and to discover that she is very fond of owls.

Here is the pattern using thread and made into earrings

And a real owl that was seen in our village trying to cross the road earlier this year

Today though we had a scarecrow festival outside one of the churches.

A knight and his horse

A little girl

And a solar powered scarecrow that was given to me by Pam when in the USA. All the shops were sold out of these little chaps and I am so thrilled to have this one and love the way he jiggles! He also came up to the church with me, but I guarded him as it would have been such a shame if someone else had taken a fancy to him!


  1. Love your scarecrows and owls. Pam gave me 'dancing daisies' and they now live on the kitchen window sill where the jiggle all day. She stuck a ladybug on one of the flowers!!

  2. I remember reading that the Hobby Horse was a sinister figure in Medieval festivals - yours looks harmless though!
    Very cute owl. There is one which regularly sits on top of one of the street signs closeby - very late at night, and he is part of the neighbourhood!

  3. Love your owls, they look brilliant.

    What great fun for the scarecrows, I think I would have kept an eye on my jiggling scarecrow too.

    What a silly owl that thought he could cross the road, I am pleased he is safe they are so rare now.

  4. Solar powered scarecrow sound a great idea! Keep him on the move so the birds don't get used to him. Love the owls, especially as earrings.

  5. Love the earrings! And the real owl is so cute! Glad he's safe and sound!


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