Saturday 22 September 2012


It is good to be back home, especially after passing through 5 different airports on our travels this month, in all though I have flown on 8 planes since June and really pleased to have my feet on the ground for the rest of the year.  But what an experience it was to be in the USA, I can't believe the generosity of people and thank you to all who made our stay so welcoming, especially to Sandra and Joanie who opened their houses to Jane and myself.

When we first arranged to go to "Tat Days" we thought that we would be the only sisters attending the event, but when we arrived there were three sets of sisters, the American sisters, the Swedish sisters and the UK sisters, amazing! It just shows that tatting runs in families.

There was also a group of tatters who attended  called the Southern Belles of Tennessee, they were not exactly sisters, although you could say that they were sisters in tatting!  However,  they did contribute so much to the days, firstly by helping to fill our "goodie bags" and also for some of the table decorations.  This was just part of a decoration taken from a wheelbarrow that was on one of the tables and not only that there were packets of seeds by our plates, but when you opened them instead of seeds they contained some thread and a charm, so clever and so generous.  The tatted flowers are exquisite, but I apologise for them getting a bit crushed in my suitcase.

The Southern Belles were so generous and made the days even more exciting thank you, I hope one of you is reading this blog, if not please can someone pass on my thanks.
Here is a flower from an American garden complete with insects.

Sometimes though sisters just have to show you up!  This was taken in a supermarket near Joanies.

Is she fragile?!


  1. I agree with all your comments and would like to answer the question about my fragility!!! No, I'm not fragile. I'm a tough OG although not feeling so tough lately as jet lag has struck me the last few days!!! I'll recover to annoy you and others, though.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful!! :)

  3. HA! Jane-In-A-Box! Pretty funny!

    You and Jane were a delight, and are welcome back ANY time!

  4. Peering round the Fragile Lady to see what is on the shelves in American supermarkets....I always head straight for the washing powder aisles!

  5. I am so glad you had a good time over here. I hope you can come again and I will be able to meet you and Jane.
    I love to see all the different pictures. So many different viewpoints.
    cute picture of Jane even in the box

  6. We are savoring all your comments and memories of the trip! I'm afraid that would be too much flying for me - especially the distances YOU have flown! I'd still be resting from that Singapore trip! And I have to rest up after our local weekend events!

    Welcome back - and can't wait to hear more! I can't believe all those shuttles you brought! In the Garage deserves a rest, too!


  7. I'm so glad you had a nice visit. I would have been thrilled to meet the sisters from the U.K.! Sounds like. Marvelous event. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  8. I loved the flower too, I have found some pattern with 3D flower, and wants to try it. But first I have to find some wire and tape, so I can put them together.
    Wasn´t it nice to go to Tat Day with a sister! I would really love to do it again, but I don´t think my husband lets me go so soon again :)

  9. Beautiful tatted flowers, you sound both of you had a great time, I don't think she is fragile, she looks quite tough.

  10. Was great to finally meet you in person. And you are Jane are pretty generous yourselves. Thank you for everything! I try not to think that you and Jane are so far away and might not get to hang out again for a long time , but Tat Days were great. And you are right so many generous people!

  11. Hmmm, who, might I ask, were the American sisters?

  12. Thanks for the comments, 'Jane in a box' like that one!
    Sue Anna you are also very generous.
    Ooops I was afraid someone might ask me who the American sisters were and sadly I can't remember their names, but I did speak to them.

  13. I see Jane is thinking out of the box!

  14. It's wonderful to know you've enjoyed yourselves, Sally! I love the picture of Jane-in-the-box!

  15. I'm popping over here again, first to thank you for commenting on my blog today, and second, to thank you for the pattern for the button necklace! I'm surprised I hadn't commented on it. I do remember seeing all three when you posted about them. Seeing it on Surya's blog today refreshed my memory. It is now on my To Do list! Wonderful design!


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