Friday 12 April 2013

Jess's Thread

As Jane mentioned in her post today we were very fortunate to buy some of Jess's thread taking advantage of free shipping.   Although after they had arrived I could not decide  which lovely one to use first, or what to use it for.  In the end I made myself a necklace and matching earrings.

The colours seem to match the ones in this design which I saw on the outside of a building in Singapore. I can't remember which area it was in, or what the building was, no doubt someone from that part of the world will let us know!

Whilst in the USA we saw these blanks in a craft shop, which are meant to be turned into jewellery stands, of course the completed ones were also there to purchase.  I had to take a picture so that 'Im in the garage could make one. It seemed quite mad to purchase one there and transport it home, especially as my suitcase was, by then, getting full with other craft related items. In the end he made a few of them for me and of course for Jane.  The wood is padded and then covered in material as you can see in the picture above displaying the necklace.

I am now waiting until I have purchased a dress for my son's wedding banquet and then will definitely be making some tatted jewellery to wear with it, just hope I have the right colours in my stash!


  1. Well you can always look through my stash if you haven't got the right colours to match your dress. Notice - I said LOOK!!!!! Just teasing.

  2. Very pretty! Love what you did with the display piece - clever.
    Fox : )

  3. I love the necklace and earrings! I love your stand as well! :o) That is really neat.

  4. Having just been through the process of choosing an outfit for my own son's wedding, I know what it's like! - lots of fun, but also a little stressful....
    It's my elder son who's getting married - down in freezing Canberra, then two weeks after that, they are moving to Canada for a few years.
    I love the colours of your necklace!

    1. My son actually got married in November (the legal side of it) and we are going for what the west would call the wedding reception and Chinese part of the celebrations. It is in an airconditioned hotel so from what I gather just a pretty dress is required, so low key and of course no hat!!
      Good luck with your shopping for an outfit Maureen.

  5. I've purchased some of Jess!'s hand dyed threads and loved tatting with them!

  6. Lovely necklace, gorgeous colours.
    Nice stand to display your jewellery,


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