Saturday, 6 April 2013

Music to my ears!

We are going to our son and daughter-in-laws wedding banquet in Singapore and I so wanted to contribute something to the arrangements, particularly with regard to tatting.  But living so far away makes it very difficult. My daughter-in-law is a professional singer so I thought tatted music notes would be a good idea.   The next stage was to ask my personal designer (aka Jane) if she could come up with some simple tatted doodles.  She very cleverly designed these notes which you can find here.  Now I have to make a few more, and take them with us when we go. Apparently the banquet is themed on cinema and films, which I was surprised about as I thought it would be something to do with Lego, Dr. Who or Downton Abbey!  The music notes will go on a table displaying photos of them growing up.

The notes are tatted in Coats black wound with silver thread, which just gives them that extra thickness and makes them a bit more special.

Like Jane I also received a surprise package this week from Terry, and I am overwhelmed with the contents.  I am sharing the chocolates with 'Im in the garage, well that's what he thinks!

Thank you so much Terry, I am going to have so much fun with these goodies!


  1. What a great idea! Those super notes will make everyone treble with happiness!
    Fox : ))

  2. Oh, have fun on your trip.
    Those are nice notes, and a very nice box of stuff.

  3. You all are quite welcome. The round metal things are paper clips - a new design that I hadn't seen before but both you and that sister of yours are quite crafty and I figured you each would make lovely things from them.

    Have much fun, I certainly am with the popabobbin shuttles!

  4. Tatted music notes are a great idea. Enjoy your trip, and the wedding!

  5. what a lovely idea! Making the day special for them will be wonderful.
    Just a "note" to the wise......stems going up are always, always, on the left side of the note head. So, your eighth notes (the two joined by the bar on top) look, well, wrong and will cause a bit of giggling and tsking amongst the musically literate. That said, make them your own! The gift will be enjoyed by all.

    1. Oh dear Melanie that is what happens when an expert sees them, you caught me out!!!!. I love singing (often solo when conducting funeral services!) and used to read a bit of music, once upon a time, but haven't a clue when positioning musical notes. Although it does make me wonder if they will positioned correctly on a table! Will not interfere so pleased to be contributing something to the banquet.

    2. I didn't intend to sound critical. Please don't be embarrassed. I love singing too. Please don't hesitate to sing and share your gift. The table deocrations will be lovely,and most musicians with graciousness may notice, but not criticize. It would just be your luck that some young whipper-snapper would out you there! So, now you're forwarned and can prepare. Enjoy!!

    3. Its okay I took your comment in good heart Melanie - and thanks for the warning.


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