Monday 22 April 2013

Twirly and Containers

When I get time I like to test Jane's new patterns, but the reality is that although she may send the pattern to me, it doesn't always get tatted or completely finished!  But I did actually manage to complete the one that is on her blog today, however I added beads, so it took even longer.  Although I am not sure whether it spoils the design adding them.

More pop-a-bobbin shuttles are in the process of being made.  I have just been in the garage and taken this picture of the blocks of wood that are prepared ready for the shuttles to take shape and then placed in these containers.  In reality there are a lot more varieties of wood than you can see displayed.   Also as you can see some are empty!

There are some shuttles ready to be varnished or oiled, not sure which yet, and will be taken to Jane's next weekend.


  1. This is a lovely pattern and your motif looks beautiful.


  2. Your motif is very pretty. I like your addition of the beads. Is that thread Lizbeth Jelly Bean?

    1. Yes it is Jelly Bean, one of my Lizbeth favourites but because of its brightness it is not always easy to find a use for it!

  3. The beads complement the motif. The thread you used makes it very cheerful.

  4. BEAUTIFUL motif! I recognized Jelly Bean right away, as I used it for my 'controlled color' tulip experiment back in April of 2011 (seems like yesterday!). It also seems you are using a solid color for the outer edge. It's a perfect match! I love the beads, especially on the outer round!

    All of you amaze me: you, Jane and In the Garage!
    What a fantastic 'Dynasty' for the tatting world! Look at those neat boxes filled with beautiful wood blocks, ready to be made into gorgeous shuttles, which in turn create beautiful pieces of lace! Wonderful!

  5. Your motif looks wonderful!! I like it with the beads!! :)

  6. That is a pretty motif with the added beads.
    I should have sent this before, but I bought one of the oiled shuttles last time. and I am very pleased with it. I like it better then the varnished ones.
    If you need any more american black walnut let me know and this time it will be sent as a gift.


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