Tuesday 8 April 2014

Easter Tatting

Having been so absorbed with Renulek's doilies for nearly two months it was time to ease off and try some different tatting.   Strangely enough though I rather enjoyed not having to bother with beads and the freedom of not using them was quite liberating!  But I have so many beads and therefore it is not possible to abandon them for ever.   

I made these two button eggs, the pattern is on the right hand side bar of this blog.

With all the best will in the world I am always clumsily knocking over beads or find them around the house.  After spillages many can go back to their original container, but some have been major mishaps when beads of all colours have got mixed up.  My solution has been to put them altogether in one container, a rainbow of colours.  For these Easter eggs I just picked up that container and choose beads at random, which was fun and eventually hope to reduce the 'spillage container' over the next few weeks by making more.


  1. Ah your eggs are a gentle reminder that Easter is round the corner they are beautiful!

  2. A spillage container sounds like a great idea! I think I'll get something and do that as well. These are such cute Easter Eggs. I like the buttons, because a little magnet could be glued to the button and with another magnet it would make a very pretty brooch.

  3. I think that's called 'bead soup'. Very pretty Easter eggs.

  4. Wonderful tatting with beads!

  5. Great Easter Eggs!!! :)
    The green one makes me think you could do the same with Christmas trees(just thinking ahead a little). :)

  6. what you need, Sally, is the little sticky mat the bead shop gave me when they were having a special on them; it's got little bumps all over it, and you just tip out your beads and they stay put! - even when you turn it upside down. It was very useful when I was doing wedding tatting using Swarovski crystals - too precious to lose even one of those!

    1. Never seen those mats Maureen, sound magic. I now tip out what I need into the caps that come with votive candles, so they are contained in a small area, but of course often knock them over!
      Oh Jane what a lovely word 'bead soup'

  7. ...and my comment seemed to simply vanish - wonder why that's happening? - trying again.

  8. the orange one really appeals to me. I like the sparkle of the random colored beads. WTG!

  9. Those are really cute eggs! And the all sorts beads look just great.


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