Thursday 17 April 2014

Need more time for Tatting!

A really stupid decision of mine has been to embark on some serious 'Spring cleaning' which is taking up so much of my 'tatting time'.   As well as the many Church commitments at the moment there seems hardly a moment to even sit down!  The reason for the cleaning frenzy is mainly down to the glorious weather and so everything in the house that can be washed is thrown into the washing machine!  

I managed to find time to tat these bunnies today which are going to be sewn on to something which I hope to finish before Easter Sunday!  This is Erin's pattern and can be found here.  They are such fun, especially when their little heads move sideways!

About 10 years ago I blew this eggs and painted them with the intention of covering them with tatting.  Each year, just before Easter I get them out and start to think how I shall cover them, but time runs out and they get put away again!   I managed to get a little bit further this year by starting to cover one, just one!  May be I will get it finished after Easter!

You can see also that on some of the eggs the paint needs touching up, as I don't have this gold colour anymore they will have to be repainted with another colour - perhaps next year!


  1. I know the feeling of being busy and overwhelmed with too many things to do:) love the bunnies and the golden eggs they are lovely plain too.

  2. Overwhelmed is the right word Madtatter, and so frustrating, hopefully things will settle down soon.

  3. I never want to start spring cleaning (not that there is no spring here). If I do, I cannot stop and end up tired and aching allover. Another reason is, each time I do a clean-up, I can never find anything if I want to use it later.

    Only recently, I cleaned up my craft room and put aside a pack of buttons. I had to searched all over when I need to replace some buttons on my blouse.

  4. I really can't believe it Jon that is exactly what has happening to me, I can't stop this cleaning and now ache all over and I am thoroughly tired and miserable. As for the craft stuff that is next on the agenda but again have done it before and like you lost things. It does seem better that you know where things are when in a muddle than loose them in a tidy up!

  5. I commend you for cleaning, but I'm claiming that my dust bunnies are Easter decorations. That way I can keep on tatting!

  6. Tatting should always take priority Diane!

  7. Sally, the bunnies edging is indeed cute! You really ought to use them on the eggs.
    Happy Easter.


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