Sunday 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

I am shattered after a really wonderful service at Winchester Cathedral last night and then Easter celebrations this morning, but did manage to sew the bunny trim onto a small bag last night and add some more embellishments.  I have given the bag to my friend for her granddaughter as I don't have any grandchildren myself, so it seemed a waste to keep it.

I found the frog and sun in my tatting stash.

'Im in the garage is busy making shuttles. 

And finally a photograph of Winchester Cathedral after all the congregation had left last night. it truly is a magnificent building.


  1. How wonderful to enjoy your holiday in a place of such magnificence.
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter, Sally.
    Fox : )

  2. Thanks Fox, we only live about 20 minutes drive away from the city of Winchester and last night because I was actually part of the service was honoured to be able to see the cathedral that the congregation do not normally get to see

  3. beautiful bag, I am sure she will enjoy it! And beautiful Cathedral

  4. It's always seemed a Mythical place to me, so it's wonderful to actually see a picture of it! Every time I hear it spoken of, I'm transported right back to the sixties when it was almost a background anthem to my time at University - as it must have been to a whole generation of course.

  5. Wow! No churches like that where I live. :) Cute bag too.

  6. Thanks everyone. As I was actually robed and part of the service in Winchester Cathedral it was even more of an event, and so was able to witness what went on behind the scences too. And talk about mythical there was a brazier at the back of the cathedral from which we lit our candles and processed up the great aisle. Maureen you mean the song 'Winchester Cathedral your bringing me down'. Jane and I had this conversation before I left and she said 'Winchester Cathedral is falling down' no I said that is London Bridge!

  7. What type of shuttles do you make?

    1. Robin we make mainly bobbin shuttles out of wood there is a picture at the top of my blog of one of them. Also post shuttles and flat shuttles such as these

  8. That bag is so sweet!!! :)
    Wow!! What a beautiful cathedral!!! :)


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