Thursday, 30 October 2014

Snowflake and Star

Some evenings when I am actually at home and not out attending meetings etc, Jane and I scan in what we have tatted and e.mail it asking each others opinions. Although I have to say that this is rather one sided as I find very little time to tat, especially anything new.  It can be very hard making any criticisms when it comes to other people's tatting especially when it happens to be your own sister!    Not every time is my opinion asked but I do get to see most her patterns, if not all, before they are published.  Occasionally I find time to tat them too, not as a test tatter though as I tend to know where her patterns are going anyway and if I don't then it is usually because I am too thick to understand and have to shout for help!    The inside out snowflake I tried before Jane published it on her blog and this is the first and only one I have made. I decided to use some really long bugle beads that I had been given ages ago.

Now for the star, quite unusual to find a five pointed tatted star pattern, this one is from Rosemarie Peel's tatting for pleasure it is resting on some post shuttles which need to go on a journey!

So I can't wait to show you the next pattern that Jane has designed, I hope she blogs about it soon!


  1. It must be Christmas-tatting time! - since so many people are making snowflakes. I had better make plans for a few as well! You have left us all on a knife-edge - hearing that there is a new pattern to come.

  2. Great snowflake and star!!! :)

  3. It's heaven to have a sister like yours!!!


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