Monday, 31 August 2015

Clip-on Earrings

Okay so I never got my ears pierced but have still managed to wear fashionable earrings and most people don't know that I am wearing clip-ons. I am also able to adapt most earrings so that they can be worn.  Jane gave me some clip-on  findings recently and I was eager to use them especially the flat ones which require a bit of glueing and not hanging something from them.  

The middle of the earrings I bought in Singapore and just tatted around them then got the glue gun out and fixed them to the findings. 

I don't  want to frighten you with another photograph of me but they really look great on and I will definitely be wearing them.


  1. those look fun and I like them!

  2. Pretty! I've tried wearing clipons, but my earlobes don't like them.

  3. These are excellent! Well done! As you know, it's difficult to buy clip earrings today!

    I am so pleased to discover that there is another person on the planet who does not have pierced ears! I can only imagine that aliens from outer space who study us would assume we were born with those holes! Apparently piercing has been going on forever. However, in the U.S., piercing seems to have been popular initially only in the 1920s, then fell out of favor until the 1960s. (Maybe infections and the impurity of metals had something to do with it?)

    Growing up in the 1950s, I knew of no one in school who had pierced ears! It was not a 'rite of passage' and I never heard it even mentioned. We wore earrings for dressy occasions and church services - but rarely at school. The majority of earrings in the stores were clip-ons. Some clips, of course, are rather uncomfortable; however, they improved on that over the years..

    And as I have no intention of piercing my ears, I'm glad that they have kits to convert pierced earrings into clip earrings, But when I sell earrings at the craft shows, I make most of them for pierced ears, as that's what the visitors want!

    1. I think we are a bit of a rarity Kathy, and my story of why I do not have pierced ears is very similar to yours. Also like you I make only earrings for pierced ears, unless they are for myself! My neighbour had her two little girls ear's pierced last week and it cost £60 for each child - must be a lucrative business these days! Now I am definitely not having them done!

  4. Very pretty ! Take another selfie with these on, please :-)
    I had my ears pierced Twice, coz the holes defiantly closed up the 1st time. And during the 2nd attempt, I was crying & fidgeting so much (the photos are proof) that they came out a bit lopsided ;-P Here, of course, it is a rite of passage for centuries. And there is an acupressure reason, too. Almost all the ornamentation of Indian women were at pressure points that bring calmness, coolness, & some such. Don't know how far that really works ;-P

    Looking forward to more of your tatted clip-ons

    1. No more selfies, they are so difficult to take!!!
      Oh dear having to go through ear piercing twice sounds really bad.
      Body piercing was extremely popular in the 1990s as a fashion statement and I was slightly worried that my boys would not only have their ears pierced but the rest! However, neither of them ever had any piercing, on their body, well not that I know about! Interesting about the pressure points bringing calmness etc. tradition is something we often accept without question.


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