Tuesday 29 September 2015

Comparing Shuttles

Things have moved on since I showed you this post  where a plastic machine bobbin is ready to be used for a pop-a-bobbin shuttle.  Somewhere in the garage this is being made and although it does take slightly more thread than a Aero bobbin it probably is not enough for some of you who want more!

Diane kindly sent these bobbins to me and here is the link where she compares two bobbin shuttles she has, although I hasten to add not using these particular bobbins.

I have done my own comparison with two pop-a-bobbin shuttles, however I really can't find the motivation or time to find out how much extra thread the larger one can hold,  but enough to make a difference especially if you are on a large tatting project.

The larger shuttle as you see is using the large black bobbin it is by no means finished yet, but looking good so far.


  1. That was very nice of Diane, she has helped me many times too, and looks like what comes of this will be interesting too!

  2. Oh yes, I like it! And it looks great in that beautiful purple wood.

  3. The shuttles look great! I can hardly wait until they're available!

  4. I like these too. I'm looking forward the larger versions.

  5. Wonderful work! It looks very efficient and has as 'thin' a wall around the bobbin as possible. Looks like it would hold a nice amount of thread!


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