Monday, 14 September 2015

Lemon Oil

'Im in the garage decided that he wanted to try some different oil to finish the shuttles off with.  I have managed to wean him off using varnish as the natural finish of the wood is far more pleasing to the eye than a shiny one, well that's my opinion.  

The aroma of this oil is really lovely but I fear that by the time these little shuttles make their way to new homes it might have worn off a little.  However the oil does give a lovely matt and natural finish, previously he used Danish Oil on the shuttles.

I made this canopy bookmark by Martha Ess, just love this pattern especially when you work two different coloured threads and thicknesses together.


  1. I could smell it while I was reading about the lemon oil.

  2. Lemon is such a nice clean smell. Nice bookmark.

  3. I love the smell of lemon oil! Do you think there's a difference in the finish of the lemon oil and Danish oil? ...just a question that popped into my head. :-)

    1. Yes actually Diane we do think there is a slight difference in the finish, or it may be we are looking for it! However, there seems to be a duller finish to the shuttles or as it says on the tin a matt finish, more significant than the danish oil.

  4. I must be an oddity. I really like the shuttles with the varnish finish. I have found the oiled ones seem "slippery". Probably not right word, but the oiled shuttles tend pop out of my fingers more often than the varnished ones. They're gorgeous shuttles no matter how they are finished. Maybe the lemon oil will be different.


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