Saturday 12 December 2015

A Tip and A Win

I have made three of these necklaces over the past year and like to wear them, however as soon as I move they tend to roll over, therefore not lying flat around my neck, which spoils their appearance.   My tip is to thread some very thin ribbon through the tatting on the top, actually I think it enhances the look of the necklaces and certainly makes them firmer.

Unfortunately I can't find thread for the maroon coloured necklace that I made but hopefully I will soon.

My luck is definitely in as I won some thread from Handy Hands and it arrived this week. Love seeing the colours in the boxes and I just do not know which one to start using first -  in thread heaven!

Feeling so very happy -  it is as if Christmas has come early.


  1. Maroon is a hard color to match. Try a gold or cream colored ribbon with it instead.

    1. Thanks Miranda I did try gold and it is too much of a contrast even though there are gold beads in the necklace, the colour needs to blend in if you see what I mean , otherwise it stands out too much.

  2. lucky you lovely thread. I have stiffened my necklaces but then they are scratchy. I may need to try your ribbon solution.

  3. Thanks for the tip! What a lovely collection of threads... just in time for Christmas!

  4. Muy bonito tus collares ,feliz navidad

  5. I hope you can find maroon ribbon, good fix. Wonderful win, I look forward to seeing what you make with all that lovely thread.

  6. Those necklaces are so beautiful!!! :)
    Congratulations on the win of all that thread!! :)


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