Thursday 31 December 2015

Last blog post of 2015

Blogger, as you all probably know, counts the blog posts we make.  If they didn't well I certainly wouldn't know how many I do each month, let alone a year.   I am very consistent and make five blog posts each month, which means that as this is the end of the month and the year,  I need one more, which is this one.  I could not bear it if the sequence was broken!

I have opened a few of my new threads and having fun with all the colours.  These two bracelets were made with Cranberry bush and one of Lizbeth's new colours Kelly Green. I rushed outside to take this photograph between rain storms, so they were not placed perfectly on the cloth!

A New Year Blessing for Tatters

May you always have
A shuttle to tat with
A pattern to follow
Patience and time to create wonderful tatting
Encouragement and delight from those around you
And may your threads never grow less



  1. Lovely bracelets :). Happy New Year :).

  2. Happy new year to you! The bracelets are so lovely!

  3. The bracelets do look awesome. Happy New Years to you to!

  4. I bought some Kelly Green too! - I love it. Happy New Year to you as well, and don't forget to show us a picture of your wooden Lego Man, with or without earrings, when he is in situ!

  5. Pretty bracelets in attractive colours. I think you should increase your blogs to, at least, eight a month as I enjoy reading them!
    Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Anne but at the moment quite a busy person so don't have time to increase the number of posts, sometimes it is an effort to do just five!

  6. A bit late ... Happy New Year, Sally! These are very pretty. Just saw them; love the colours.


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