Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pink earrings and wooden men

Just before Christmas I conducted a funeral service and gave away a piece of my tatting to the girl at the funeral director, who was working with me on that day.  She commented that the piece, which was a heart on a button, would make a lovely earring.   It was rather large so I said I would give her a smaller pair of tatted earrings.  

She requested pink and of course there are so many shades of pink and since all my new threads arrived I have even more to choose from.  

The production of wooden shuttles has come to a halt whilst these lego men have been made. The top one is double the size of the one underneath.

I was sad to see them leave the house, one went to Singapore and the other to London, but I have been promised an even larger one which will stay in the house.


  1. Wow! Those wooden lego men are awesome! Beautiful tatted earrings :).

  2. And what a magnificent showcase for your tatting they will be! - I think you should request pierced ears for your House Man.

  3. Many thanks for your comments. I wish you could see the craftsmanship of these lego men for yourself. Now looking forward to my own, the last one was meant to be my Christmas present but was claimed by my UK son! Looking forward to the next one, not sure about the request for pierced ears though Maureen!!

  4. Great earrings!!! :)
    Neat lego guys!! :)


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