Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Fifth Day

I enjoyed making this snowflake but not so sure I am going to actually complete this challenge.  I don't understand how some of the future ones are tatted so might have to send a few e.mails to Jane and shout for help!

Also I thought you might like to see the winning scarecrow that two children made it is The BFG.  It was 100 years this month that Roald Dahl was born and in this country we are celebrating this important centenary of a very famous British children's author.



  1. That scarecrow is scary! You must finish your challenge, because I'm saving every one of your pictures, and there are some in that book I don't understand either!

    1. Need the encouragement Maureen, have called on Jane to help work out how to do one.

  2. Wow, Sally. You are moving right along with the Challenge--beads, too!

  3. There's a year long tat-along on Craftree - tatting 2 snowflakes from this very book. You might find plenty of answers there as well. Enjoying your snowflake journey so far ...

  4. I'm sure Jane will help, and a challenge should be challenging, don't you think? Love that winning scarecrow and it's very appropriate in this anniversary year


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