Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Second Day

The Second Day of December

So far the challenge is going well, although have to admit the 'First Day' took a bit of working out, forgot to mention that in my last blog post.  This one though made me have yet another go at a split chain.  I am not fond of split chains as they take so long to achieve, but my determination to crack on with this challenge seemed to work and I not only tatted one snowflake but two.  The first one was using 20 thread but I had difficulty in getting it to lie flat, pressing helped but not completely happy with the result, plus I seemed to get the count of picots on the last round a bit wrong.      So made it again in 40 and much happier with the result.

I am at the moment preparing for a Scarecrow Festival this weekend, this is what someone has kindly knitted for the day.  

She has actually made 40 of these miniature scarecrows, but here are just three hanging on the church door.  


  1. Good for you rising to the challenge! I love the idea of a scarecrow festival and those scarecrows are very cute.

  2. Ha, those flakes are great. What interesting festivals you have and such cute scarecrows.

  3. It's good to see another snowflake! I'm not in to Halloween, but I do like a good scarecrow!

  4. Your snowflakes are beautiful!!! :)
    Great scarecrows!! :)


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