Tuesday 27 September 2016

The Fourth Day

This snowflake is not very inspiring either to make or to look at, but then it had a hard act to follow after the third day!     It could have also done with a better press but was in a hurry.

So just to add a little more interest here is a picture of one of Saturday's scarecrows.  A lace maker, I did not take this photograph myself, too busy unfortunately.  If I had would have managed a closer picture of her lace making.   She was so cleverly made sitting in church calming creating her lace.

Now back to the snowflakes!


  1. I like that snowflake, but I agree... it is a bit boring after the last one. Maybe it needs a few beads for a touch of sparkle!

  2. I hope she's not too busy to scare away crows. She's splendid. This snowflake is less spectacular than the previous one, but pretty all the same.

  3. Nice and easy snowflake. Interesting lace making scarecrow, what will they think of next?


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