Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Button Love Heart

I am not aiming to tat every pattern in Martha's latest book but really must try and have a go at most of them whilst the book is new and exciting.

This is a lovely pattern but rather think my choice of thread and buttons do not do it justice, will probably try paler buttons and thread next time.

But it is rather fun to tat!


  1. It's pretty!! :)
    I am sure someone will love it!!

  2. It's an adorable pattern, and I look forward to trying it, too!

  3. It 's always exciting to get a new book. I'm enjoying seeing what you have been tatting, because the book is on it's way to me now. I think your thread and button colours are fine, it's the background which swallows up the design.

  4. I agree with Maureen. It would really 'pop' on a dark background!


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