Thursday 27 September 2018

Tatting Day

Last Saturday Jane and I went to Churchdown in Gloucestershire for a Tatting Day, this is quite rare for us to go out together to an event like this.  We made lots of new tatting friends and saw the many projects others were doing. Also on display some very old christening gowns with tatting on them. 

Neither of us got that much tatting done but we did buy another tatting book Tatting Designs by Pam Palmer and I bought some thread.

And we also met Rosemarie Peel, although Jane had seen her before, but this was the first time for me, she is on the right of the picture. 

And here we are together - 'the tatting sisters'


  1. Good to see a pic of you together. It sounds like a fascinating day.

  2. Three amazing photos in this post!

    The beautiful Christening gowns remind me of the very precious heirloom in our family made in 1898 by my grandfather (whose own grandfather was married in a church in London in 1847, and whose father emigrated to America in 1870). My grandfather had amazing tailoring skills and made a Christening gown for his first child (my uncle), which was used in the family as recently as 2009 (my post of May 22, 2009). But seeing the tatting on those gowns in your photo is amazing! I can't imagine the hours and hours that went into creating that lace!

    The next photo also 'struck a chord' because the black fabric with tatted images is now in short supply. It was manufactured by Riley Blake Designs in the US around 2014 and was found in fabric stores catering to quilters. It was introduced to us tatters on Cindy's blog (A Happy Bluebird) back in 2015. I believe it's the only fabric ever made that has images of tatted lace on it! It is sold out in many of the on-line stores, but I recently found a store that still had some yardage, and I was able to order a half yard of the three colors offered: black, pink and red. I have no idea what I'm going to make with it, but I had to have the fabric because it's so unique! Therefore, I was astounded to see it in your photo over there in England, and I'm curious if that is indeed a tote bag. Cindy also made several bags with her fabric.

    And, of course, there is the delightful photo of the famous Eborall sisters, Jane and Sally! It's great that you were able to go on this outing together!

    1. So interesting hearing about your family with its English roots. The fabric with the tatted designs on is Janes which did come originally from America and she has made it into a bag. You were indeed fortunate to find the fabric and well done buying each colour, it will come in useful one day. I have a feeling someone else had something made from the fabric too on Saturday and again it would have come from the USA. When I was there was amazed at the wonderful fabrics you do have.

    2. OK - Now I'm embarrassed! I should have known the bag belonged to Jane! I have found her post about it (March 14) and remember that she discovered the fabric in Canada during her trip there for Fringe Tat Day, and she made up the beautiful bag and showed it in all its glory! I somehow failed to comment on it at the time and don't know why I didn't, as I've been fascinated by that fabric since Cindy first showed it to us. I assumed it would be easily found online but then recently got concerned when most fabric sites I checked said it is sold out and discontinued. I never thought about Canadian stores, so it might still be available there for those who are interested in it.

      And I also forgot to comment on the main focus of the photo - Rosemarie Peel! How wonderful that you got to meet her!

    3. Thanks for researching where Jane got the material from, I should not have presumed it came from the USA! Yes another famous tatter, we were truly blessed!

  3. So good to see you both together again!


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