Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Russia meets China!!!

Yesterday I received a parcel from Singapore. In it were these lovely purses, as you can see they are like the Russian dolls, one inside each other. So I took a photo of the purses and my Russian Dolls, together they look so colourful sitting out in the sunshine. The gift was from my Son and his girlfriend who live in Singapore. They were a belated Mother's Day present, this is the Singapore Mother's Day and not the English Mothering Sunday which was in March.
I am absolutely delighted with them and they are going to be so useful especially to put my tatting in.


  1. What a very thoughtful gift! Mother's day in this part of the world is the second Sunday in May.Aren't sons wonderful - my own eldest son says that Mother's Day is a "Hallmark Holiday", but he phoned me from the Riviera this year, where he is on a lecture tour; and last year he came back from Ireland with a beautiful woven scarf because he knew I'd love it!

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful gift and so clever! I love matryoshkas. I find them fascinating.

  3. Wow, cool! The fabrics look exquisite. Enjoy.

  4. Those bags are very beautiful! Perfect for the tatter with a jillion tatting projects, LOL!

    Love the Matryoshkas! I have a small set that a friend gave me once. :)

  5. Yes Maureen sons are wonderful.
    Actually Steph I have another matryoshka, I also love them.
    Valerie - the purses were purchased in Singapore, perhaps you have seen them?
    TattingChic, I think I might actually forget which tatting project I put in each purse!!!

  6. i probably did, in chinatown. there are all kinds of combinations and the silks are just very vibrant and beautiful. i have a silk cheongsum that i cannot get into anymore... sigh!

  7. Hi Valerie, Um know the feeling about certain clothes that seem to have shrunk!!!!!


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