Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chunkie Tatting

I find that the ideal size thread for tatting with is 20 although I have worked with all sorts of different thread sizes and even, on occasions, put a couple together to give a different effect. I was given a few balls of Coats white size 10 a few years ago and used it for this particular necklace, it seemed so thick compared with 80 and it felt like working with rope when I first started! I was inspired to make the necklace after seeing Jane's blog. I like the variety of colour and the way the wooden beads add character the necklace. The cotton was given to me by the daughter of someone who had died, her mother had done some crochet work for the church and there were a few balls needing a good home. I did not have the heart to say that I would probably never use them and that they should go to someone else, although I do believe that using thicker cotton is ideal when teaching someone to learn to tat. I am of course so pleased that I did decide to keep the thread, especially after making this necklace. The other thing you may notice is that there is no clasp, this is because it fits around my neck without one and looks neater especially if it should turn whilst wearing it, although so far because of the heaviness of the necklace it has not moved an inch!
I now plan to make more necklaces, well you see I was going to give this one away but I’m so fond of it that I have already worn it! I have also raided my stash of jewellery and even taken one necklace to pieces for the beads, so there is nothing safe at the moment.

After having a little look at the tatting blogs on Sunday evening I thought, for a change I would look on e.bay and in particular search through the crochet/tatting threads. I discovered a box of Coats black size 20 and just had to have it. I love working with black and only have a very small amount of it which I use sparingly. This is the first time I’ve seriously bothered with e.bay and got quite excited. I also wondered about the history of these threads, was the seller the original owner or did they find the cotton lost and lonely and unwanted somewhere else? Or may be they came from a now deceased relations home? Anyway sadly today I lost the bid at the last second but hope that the thread has gone to a loving home.


  1. Sally,
    This is pretty! I think The Boss ( my granddaughter) would love one - in pink, of course! But she is only three, and we have to worry about it being too long etc...

    I would worry about smoke, mildew and so on with some of the thread being offered on line. I would want to read that it was clean and the rest.... But, that is me! : )) Fox

  2. That's really, really pretty. Love the dangly bits off it too. Hope I get to see it 'live' soon.
    I get angry then sad then 'not caring' when I lose on ebay!!!

  3. Oh, the excitement and the agony of ebay... I find it very habit forming.

  4. Oh thanks for the tip Fox about the thread, didn't think much about the state of it, just thought "I want"!!! Most say that they come from a smoke free house, but of course that does not give the whole strory does it? Jane I'm still angry with whoever it was that got MY thread! Martha sadly I'm becoming addicted to ebay - it only took that quick look on Sunday night and I'm well and truly hooked, is there a cure?!!


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