Saturday 7 November 2009


After a few days of windy rainy weather in this part of the world the trees have nearly lost all their leaves, it has been a beautiful sight watching the changing colours, especially living on the edge of the New Forest. The picture below does not really do the area justice but as is always the case, the camera is never at hand when needed!

The tatted leaf took me ages to make, as I kept moving onto different projects, its the maple leaf by Tammy Rodgers which many people have made and so is very recognisable. However, I extended it and added some beads, and also made the stem out of split rings.

The picture of some spectacular looking toadstools was taken in the village where I live very near to the doctors surgery just off a pathway, totally amazed that children hadn't destroyed them. By the side of them though was an abandoned empty cardboard box which once contained beer. So there must have been some very drunk fairies dancing around them!

But they are so pretty especially with the leaves falling on them.


  1. Love the tatting and your addition of the stem. Fall is my favorite season - the colors are so wonderful!

    Those toadstools ARE spectacular! We have nothing so showy here in the States. Almost all are just cream and grey.

  2. "Living on the edge of the New Forest" made my day! This could be the Title of a C.S. Lewis book for children! I found it to be so evocative a phrase; it gave me such a frisson!

    Sorry, I did not even pause to really examine your lovely leaf, because your words took me away!
    I'll go and have a look now...
    Fox : ))

  3. Wow! The pictures are in harmony with my comment!! Fox LOL

  4. I wondered what had happened to the leaf!!! Lovely toadstools. Don't send the drunken fairies up here - keep them down your neck of the woods, please!!!

  5. The leaf is very pretty! I love the stem! Drunken fairies... works for me! Wouldn't those colors make lovely HDT?

  6. Great idea with the leaf. You can send your drunken fairies my way anytime! Great photos.

  7. Real Big-Ears toadstools, how gorgeous! Here in Brisbane we are still in the season of spring, which I think is the most beautiful. So many flowering trees.Years ago it must have been the fashion to plant a flame tree next to a jacaranda, and when both are in bloom - red and purple - it's stunning.

  8. Hi Fox - C.S. Lewis a wonderful author and theologian, I often quote his words. I do live in a beautiful part of England, especially at this time of the year.

    Yes Jane got it finished, eventually!

    Hi Diane yes agree the colours go well together, in fact I was spoilt for choice, as a yellow and a green also went together - will try them another year!

    Ah Tatskool you have got those "Little People"!

    Now Maureen the empty beer box was a "Fosters" so those little fairies must come from your part of the world!!!
    Big Ears - I'll have to find Noddy!!! As I said before, you should have a blog so we can see such sights as the flame tree and jacaranda

  9. Look at those amazing toadstools! I just happened to be over at Riet's blog and saw a photo of hers and read your comment so I had to come over here and search it out, LOL! WOW! I've never seen a toadstool with the red cap and white spots in real life! Just regular old funky creamy white and brown ones is all! LOL!


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