Sunday 22 November 2009

Work in Progress

Here in this part of "Tat Land" there is a lot of work in progress, some of it is on this tray. Now there is a story behind this tray, about three weeks ago someone was clearing out a cupboard at church and found this dear little tray, which measures 10 1/2" x 7", and as it was not wanted I claimed it straight away. It has now become a "Tatting Tray." I put a bead mat on it so the beads don't runaway and it is ideal. Actually seeing what is on the tray reminds me of "Kim's Game" - the rules are you put some items on a tray and ask the participants of the game to turn away and then you remove a few items, when they see the tray again they have to guess what items are missing. Trouble is if the game was played on a blog you would all cheat wouldn't you?!
On this tray you can see a bead container, my wooden needle holder, a Christmas bauble just about to be finished, shuttles, wedding hearts, earrings and another piece of tatting to cover a bauble.
This is Wicked Tats tray, which she will obviously never loose as it is a lovely bright colour!

Now lets take a quick peek at what the Shuttle Maker is doing.....................
I took this photograph this afternoon, pinched them from the garage, sorry its all I could smuggle out! Don't you think the ebony shuttles are going to be gorgeous?


  1. The tray is perfect! I have a tray I could re-purpose. I'm always looking for someplace to sit all my stuff while I'm tatting. Thanks for sharing that!!

    Yesssssssssssssssss!! The ebony shuttles are going to be stunning. Can't wait to see the finished shuttles!

  2. I wanna tray like that!!! All looks very organised to me. Do you remember mum's corner? Total chaos. Bit like mine!! Nice to know there's one tidy member of the family!! I LOVE the look of the ebony shuttles too.

  3. I don't have a tatting 'tray' as such, but DH bought me a breakfast tray that has legs that swing down and I use that when I do beading at home. It has little sides; nothing rolls or falls off. I have a 'flocked' beading tray that fits into one side and my other necessities (ha) can go on the other side. The Plus with you and Wickedtats trays is the coved sides ~ no corners.
    If Jane had a tray like that it'd hold chocolate and a glass of red, who's she kidding! LOL Organized? Some parts of my tatting pastime are organized (pattern books and some threads) but other parts are not!
    Like beads, charms (even though they are in neat plastic boxes that I bought from Debbie at DS9. I always have to go through all of the boxes to find certain beads; then, I begin just looking and forget what my original purpose was.
    You know you've missed church once too often when you go (as I did this morning) and folks great you as though you are a visitor! However, when I came home I slept for 3 hours. But I enjoyed worship!

  4. Is there supposed to be a clickable link for Wickedtat's tray? - because I can't see it.
    I have a tray too! - bought in the Christmas Sales a few years ago, it has some sort of glossy printed pattern on the tray part - but I'm not tidy,when tatting stopped this year, the levels on the tray gradually built up, so that now it's an archaeological layer-on-layer!
    It's so exciting to watch the pile of shuttles growing - the ebony ones will be really beautiful.

  5. Ooooh lucky you to have your own personal shuttle maker!

  6. Oh, Sally! What a great tray!

    When I moved my mom, earlier this year, she offered me a small tray that had come from her Aunt's business - an old folk's home - that had belonged to one of the residents. It is perfect for tatting and I have also covered it with beading cloth. Very useful, these old things! Glad you now have one too!
    Fox : )

  7. Great tray, trouble is that if I had one it would end up so cluttered that I would put it down and start on a new one!
    We are all watching the shuttles!

  8. That looks like a great tray! I like the idea of the bead mat there, too!
    Can't wait to see the finished shuttles! :)

  9. Looking forward to seeing the completed shuttles and the baubles! Love the tray, too. I found one similar at a Salvation Army store for 25 cents, and it was the best 25 cents I ever did spend.

  10. What a lovely idea about the tray. I have an extra that I will be surely using now. Have a great day. Happy Tatting!

  11. Hi Katie, the tray is quite small but if it was any bigger I would just clutter it up!

    Ah Jane its just an illusion I can be very untidy!

    Hi Bev, well it sounds as though you are the most organised tatter in the world with your breakfast tray. But yes I know that feeling when you have to go through everything to find what you are looking for and get into a complete mess whilst searching. You are right Jane would only have wine and chocolate on her tray!!

    Hi Maureen, if you click on to the word "tray" you should get the link. I can well imagine a tray that just gets piled high with things!

    Hi Tatskool, as the tray is small I'm not so tempted to pile it with things - well thats the theory!

    Hi Lady ShuttleMaker, shall I call my husband Gentleman ShuttleMaker - doesn't have the same ring to it does it?!

    Hi Fox, I hadn't even thought of a tray for tatting before this little one was offered, now I can't live without it!

    Hi Tatting Chic, Actually the bead mat was Jane's idea - she has the brains in the family!

    Hi Steph - Ah you mentioned the baubles, I've written the pattern down, just need to test tat it a few times.

    Hi Rayanna, yes I can sure recommend a tray, especially if you are like me and wander around the house with your tatting.

    Have a good tatting week every body


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