Monday, 30 November 2009

The Shuttle Sisters

Shuttle Sisters!
Here we are together, yes I'm on the left and big sister is on the right, she always looks so scared of cameras doesn't she? This weekend I went to see Jane and took the shuttles that my husband had made for a "tat test". Unfortunately there are a few design problems, so its not exactly back to the "drawing board", but a little disappointing after all his hard work. Still he is undeterred and is now going to make some modifications. I can report that there is going to be a wonderful gadget to go with the shuttles, that will be unique, and with more suggestions regarding its design from Jane it looks like being a very useful tool. Now you are all wondering what I'm talking about. I'm not sure when I can show you some more pictures of the shuttles, its a case of how often I can shut my husband in the garage!

Hallowversary Prize!

I received an e.mail from my son yesterday, informing me that the parcel from Aileen "Wicked Tats" had arrived and he has kindly taken a photograph of the contents. These were from her Halloween Giveaway, the first time I had ever won a prize from a blog giveaway and it will probably be the last! Thank you Aileen I look forward to seeing them soon. My son lives in Singapore and so will forward the goodies with our Christmas Presents. Actually he is going to visit Hong Kong in a few days time so I might send him to do some shopping there. He spent the first two years of his life in Hong Kong so although he will not remember the place he has promised to take photographs so we can see how it has changed over the years.

Today is St. Andrews Day - he is the patron saint of fishermen and there is an obvious connection to tatting, because the German word for tatting is Schiffchenarbeit which translated is "the work of the little boat". St. Andrew is of course the Patron Saint of Scotland so I wish them a Happy St. Andrews Day.


  1. Wow we were actually standing in front of a TIDY corner of our 'pit'!!!! I do look scared, don't I? Never have liked cameras!!! Always afraid of breaking them with a smile!!!! The shuttles. Well they feel FABULOUS and the design problems are just the same as making a new tatting pattern - solveable with time and inclination. Lock him in the garage, gal!!!

  2. MOM has that "deer in the headlight" look LOL!!!! She always let me take a pic of her. Not too scared. Maybe has to do with the photographer :-D
    Can't wait to see the new improved shuttles. Are you selling them?

    your "nephew"(who needs to be locked up somewhere so he can get things done!!!)

  3. Awww! I love the pic of the two 'girls'! Funny, I feel as if I know you both - the Internet does some weird things with the mind...
    Fox : ))

    ps Love that little painting hanging behind Sally....

  4. Fox, that "Constable" genre print was also the first thing that caught my eye! - What is it, Sally? And is it someone's birthday? - with all the cards on display?
    When I look at a picture, I always wonder who was the photographer, and I take great interest in the backgound! - which makes taking me to art galleries a complete waste of time, as my family has discovered!
    What a shame about the prototype shuttles, but we've all had the experience of having to discard a piece of work, haven't we; tell your husband, Sally, that he may just have to crack a few more eggs to make this particular omelet, and that we are all waiting anxiously to see the end result!

  5. Love the photograph of the two of you!

  6. Hi:
    Congrats on winning a blog drawing. It is fun. Try again. That is a nice picture. Jane, you don't have to be scared. Those of special memories between you and your sister. Embrace them. Have a great day girls.

  7. Yea you look scared Jane!!
    Well Mark yes the shuttles are going to be sold, eventually, it seems to be a very slow and frustrating process. Okay Maureen I'll tell my husband to "crack a few more eggs"!
    No idea about the picture, or cards, its not my home - we have two topics of conversations when seeing each other our 96 yr old Father and tatting!!!
    Thanks Rayanna for the congratulations
    Thanks H J - although I'm a bit like Jane don't like photographs taken but we did it for "Tatland!!!

  8. Great photo. Keep him at those shuttles gal, lock him in if nec' waiting to see the gadget!

  9. That photo is so cute! What a cute sisterly pair you two make!


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