Saturday 12 December 2009

At last!

The pattern for these baubles is now on this blog, its taken me ages to get it sorted, I've had to be dragged away from the butterflies (for which I blame Jane), as well as the usual Christmas preparations that have taken up my time, including of course preparing for carol, christingle and other church services.

Looking at the photograph it seems to be on its side! Well it doesn't really matter, because I'm sure you can see them well enough. In fact if you enlarge the photograph you can just see a reflection of Jane's hands in the shinny baubles as she takes the picture. She kindly took the photographs for me earlier on in the year. Which just shows how long this project has been on the go!

Of course baubles come in all shapes and sizes, this particular one is about 1 1/2" but its relatively easy to adjust the stitch count. The one thing you have to do is make sure that it fits "like a glove" otherwise you loose the effect when you draw a thread through the bugle beads.

This is a smaller bauble and I had to alter the pattern to make it a cosy fit, will write it down some time in the future. I think the black on gold is very effective and I plan to make a lot more when Christmas is over!


Materials required (size 20 cotton)
Christmas bauble (circumference 4 3/4")
Seed beads and 12 bugle beads

R ring
SR split ring
+ join
P picot
Sp small picot
+ B add bead to picot before joining
VLP very long picot
Roch Ring on chain
DNRW do not reverse work
RW reverse work
Sh 1 shuttle one
Sh 2 shuttle two

Before starting load Sh1 with 16 B
Sh2 with 18 B
(other beads are added to picots)

1R: b @ back of hand before starting 3 B 3 sp 3 – 3 DNRW
2SR: 3 – 3 / 3 - 3
3SR 3 – 3 / 3 B 3
4SR: 3 – 3 / 3 B 3
5SR: 3 – 3/ 3 – 3
6SR 3 – 3 / 3 B 3
7SR: 3 – 3 / 3 B 3
8SR: 3 – 3/ 3 – 3
9SR: 3 – 3 / 3 B 3
Join to sp on 1R with Sh 1 having the beads on the outside of the circle

Round TWO:
SR 10: B @ back of hand before starting 3 B 3 / 3 B 3 RW
Ch: *Sh 1 4 B 5 (Roch 3 – 3) 5 B 4 RW
R11: 2Bs @ back of hand before starting 3 B 3 + B next p on round 1, 3 B 3 RW
Ch: 4 B 5 (Roch 3 – 3) 5 B 4 RW
R12: 2Bs @ back of hand 3 B 3 + space in-between the rings with beads on 3 B 3
Repeat from * 1 more time RW
Ch: 4 B 5 (Roch 3 - 3) 5 B 4 RW
R13: 2 Bs @ back of hand 3 B 3 + final p on round 1, 3 B 3 RW
Ch: 4 B 5 (Roch 3 – 3) 5 B 4 join to base of SR 10 cut and tie

Round THREE:
Sh 2 18 beads

R 1: 6 – 6
R 2: *6 + B Roch round 2 , 6
R 3: 6 – 6 RW
Ch: 3 B 5 (Roch 3 LP slip two bugle beads on p take bead from core thread move into ring and attach VLP to other side 3 Cl) 5 B 3 RW
R4: 6 + B R3 6
Repeat from * 4 times
R 17: 6 + B Roch round 2, 6
R 18: 6 + B R1, 6
Ch: as previous chains with Roch and attach finished chain to base of R1
Tie and cut

The tatting looks quite strange at this stage but it is designed to fit over a 1 ½”bauble by adjusting the stitch count it can be adapted for other size baubles.

Once the tatting is fitted over the bauble thread a piece of tatting cotton through the gap made between the two bugle beads continue through the rest of them and draw up tight then add a large bead or beads, thread more cotton through the pulled up bugle beads and through the dangle beads and knot close to the beads, so making a tassel.


  1. Sally, this is so lovely! You are a dear to share this with us.

  2. How pretty! As soon as I finish all my obligations (knit, crochet, and otherwise), I'm going to give these a try!

  3. What lovely Christmas Ornaments! Thank you for sharing!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. the christmas baubles are really beautiful! thanks for sharing your pattern. have a good holiday.

  5. Thank you, Sally, for taking the time to share your lovely pattern - and there's plenty of time to tat a couple! We never put our tree up until the 20th - to my way of thinking, even that is a little early!
    In Brisbane, it's far too hot at this time of the year to have fresh pine trees, so everyone has plastic, in one form or another. But I stick to my traditions, and we order ours from the one place here which "imports" fresh pines from Victoria. The smell is what makes it Christmas.
    What is "christingle"? - I don't think I've heard of that!

  6. Phewwwww, bet you're glad that's over!!! Now, onward and upward to the next project, eh?

  7. Thank you Sally. Saved & hopefully will be tatted in THIS holiday season.

  8. Thanks everyone. So far I've never heard of anyone attempting the patterns I've put on this blog (all two of them!!) Its a bit scary going public just in case they can't be followed, so I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers, toes etc!
    Maureen I will talk about Christingle in another post - basically its a service for children but adults also enjoy attending.


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