Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Before Christmas I was looking for a simple snowflake pattern to include with my cards. I found this one in Anne Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns and when working it for the first time I decided to add beads, with a very pleasing result. However, it took ages to make, particularly because the pattern is written one row at a time with continuous instructions in small print which made it hard to follow, then adding beads caused more problems! In the end I was forced to draw a diagram to help. It was clear though that this was not going to be a quick pattern to tat and even making it again without beads was still quite slow, although if I had persevered I would have become faster, but then Jane's butterfly pattern flew into the scene and I was smitten!
Just before Christmas though this delightful snowflake (below) arrived through my door with sparkling beads on, it came from Tatskool - thank you very much Pamela, the thread may be her own rasberry sorbet? Not sure, but it is very pretty.

I have never taken part in any exchanges but have enjoyed watching those that have taken place, especially the "Secret Santas". It is good to see the generosity of all the tatting people and a little bit of the culture of the country they originate from woven into the gifts.
2010 is almost here..................................
What is your New Year's Resolution?
Obviously to find time to do even more tatting!
A HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone


  1. Your snowflakes are beautiful! I love the way the beads look on the top one, and Pamela's snowflake is very intriguing with the ring in the center. The red and white snowflake would be my mom's pick, as red is her favorite color!

    New Year's resolution: get rid of the craft supplies I no longer use so that I can find my tatting supplies with greater ease!

  2. Great snowflakes! Pamela's snowflake is quite intriguing. The colors would be lovely tatted up in hearts.

    My New Year's resolution is to create more mixed media items that include tatting. Oh, AND complete my 25 motif challenge.

  3. I think my favorite is the red and white combination snowflake. I just like how that color combo looks toghether on a snowflake. Pamela's snowflake is very pretty too! I haven't thought of a New Year's Resolution yet, I better hurry as I'm running out of time. Almost time to say goodbye to 2009.

    Happy New Year Sally!!

  4. Very pretty. I love the one at the top with beads and must say I think it's worth the added effort.
    My New Year's resolution? The usual. None!!!!! I'd only get to the 2nd of January anyway so no point!!!!

  5. The snowflakes are each one gorgeous. The first one with beads is stunning, & I can see how much work that must have been! Great job!

    I want to complete 25 motifs in 2010 & still need to learn split chains & self-closing mock rings & the magic thread trick.

    May yours be a Happy New Year!!

  6. Ah, yes, I'm thrown back to the nostalgic days of the vintage style instructions of Anne Orr's tatting books, Priscilla Tatting books and other tatting instructions written in Vintage style that continue to plague this art and cause people to say stuff like..."It's so hard"! LOL! You did a great job on that snowflake. I especially like the colors and the beads. It looks like an "Easter=flake! Which, to me is a rather nice thing! Oh, the pinks of the bottom motif look delicious, too!
    Well, Here's hoping that you have a wonderful 2010 yourself!

  7. I love the soft hues in that first flake!

    While I'm not big on resolutions, I do like making plans. I haven't focused so much on tatting as getting programs for my lace guild in place and I do want to finish up phase 2 of T.A.T. so I can send it off soon. I'm wanting to paint more and expand my needleart skills into other areas. I've spent more than a decade tatting almost nonstop and feel a need to work in other areas now. Won't STOP tatting, but might slow down. Then again, might tat more as I plan to teach more. So ...we'll see. LOL!

  8. I like the top snowflake, pastel with beads best.
    My snowflake is from Jon's book of tatting with rings and the thread is Coats Floretta, sorry I forgot to include this info.

    My resolution is to finish my TAT Artisan after probably 3 years of not getting very far, trouble is that i can't blog about it!!

  9. This year, I am with Jane - no resolutions! Every year mine is the same - no more tatting books! - but I am weak-willed and lily-livered in that regard, so it's much better to accept it and plan for them instead!
    I love the first flake too, I admire your perseverance.

  10. That first snowflake is amazing! The beads, added to the pattern with that thread, are indeed very pleasing. You did some very nice work here!
    Fox : )

  11. Both of your snowflakes are beautiful. The 1st one must have been alot of extra work because of the beads, but I think tatting and beads go so well together.

    Happy New Year.

  12. Thanks for all your comments, unfortunately the beads on the first snowflake did not come out all that well they are supposed to be the blue/mauve ones that shine. The red on the second snowflake showed up a bit dull too!
    As for new year resolutions mine is to try to be a bit more tidier - some hope!!!!


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